Earth’s Superpowers Compete In Surviving Mars’ First Expansion

Nationalistic pride is set to be the major driving force in Surviving Mars’ first paid expansion, as Space Race releases later this year. The expansion sees Earth’s superpower countries and richest companies competing for the resources on Mars, and your expedition will be caught in the middle.


Previously a solitary affair, except when alien weirdness appeared to throw your best laid plans into disarray, you’ll now be challenged by rivals to complete milestones, scoop up limited resources and investigate anomalies. You can trade, help or ask for help from them, but as rivals you can also try to steal a competitor’s colonists.

Sponsors (which will now include Japan and Brazil) now have a bigger impact, issuing challenges to try to complete, now featuring unique vehicles and buildings to add a little more individuality to colony styles.

Alongside the main DLC, there’s also a Colony Design Set to add even more visual variety, and the Marsvision Song Contest to add more music to the game’s soundtrack. Paradox are clearly experimenting with more cosmetic DLC here, with these available separately or as part of a Space Race Plus bundle.

Source: press release

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