What We Played #367 – Forza Horizon 4, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey & Mario Party

October deluge.

We’ve hit peak gaming release time now, and Assassin’s Creed is already here to steal all your time, though if you haven’t finished Origins, God of War, Spider-Man or Horizon: Zero Dawn then you’re not allowed to buy it. Or so I’m told.

I have been playing Disgaea 1 Complete on the Switch which has been awesome to return to, as well as more Forza Horizon 4. Besides that I got to play an early build of Beacon which is looking super promising and I’ve started on Space Hulk: Tactics for a review next week.

Aran has played more Metal Max Xeno and some Jurassic World Evolution, both of which seem to be going well. “In MMX I finally got through a tunnel that had all sorts of ridiculously powered enemies that could wipe my team out in seconds. While in JWE I’m onto the third island and only a few guests have been killed. Success I’d say”. It’s also his birthday today, so happy birthday Aran!

Steve has had a relatively quiet week in the build up to his birthday, which is also today! Happy birthday Steve! He’s played a chunk of Insomnia: The Ark for review but is waiting on a patch to fix some language problems (the maps are in Russian). He’s also managed a fair bit of Dragon Quest VIII which is apparently properly opening up now; “I imagine it was hugely impressive back in the day”. Aside from those he finished up Little Dragon Cafe and looked at the start of Giana Sisters on PS4.

Gareth has played Assassin’s Creed Odyssey for review and nothing else. He did play some Spelltower on his phone, but that’s all. Proof that Assassin’s Creed is going to destroy your time/life. Miguel has been playing more Forza Horizon 4, and also giving that new Nintendo phone game Dragalia Lost a whirl. Ade meanwhile polished off Fossil Hunters and Stay for review. He’s also agonisingly close to getting a platinum in Onrush – if only he could pull off a vomit comet!

Jason has been as busy as ever, playing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, saying that “even 10 minutes in you can tell is an incredible game”. He’s also reviewed Mega Man 11 and Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story “which is a very fun little distraction from the over bearing AAA”. He’s now starting on Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption, and giving Dead By Daylight a go too. Somehow he’s also found time to play the new Eternal campaign and is blitzing through that and messing about with the new cards.

Last, but not least, Tef spent most of last weekend playing Super Mario Party and did enjoy it despite its flaws. His gaming time aside from that has been a touch limited, but while flicking through his PS4’s menus, he found The Swindle and gave his favourite heist ’em up a quick play.

That’s it from us, what have you played?

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  1. More Spiderman. Just about mastered traversal, but still suck pretty bad at combat. Decided to lower the difficulty, but still die frequently. Enjoying it, and it’s certainly keeping me occupied, but don’t think it’s as good as Ubisoft open world games.

  2. I played the Unravel 2 demo which was charming, fairly generous demo and seems less fiddly than the previous game so i’ll probably grab it at some point.
    And nearly finished God Of War 3 remaster and some more NMS – but i have a head cold and not feeling much like gaming for a few days … *sniff*

  3. Platinumed Spider-Man just as planned, and began Assassins Creed Origins, which i quite like so far, in contrast to Unity and Syndicate it doesnt feel like a chore, at least not until now, missions side content and collectables all feel far more natural in this one. So im already looking forward to Odyssey, although ill take a break in between… I also played a bit of Last Day of June but it just didnt fit my mood, so ill save that for a later date.
    Lastly, i played Metropolis: Lux Obscura, which is kind of a puzzle quest style game, so match-three gameplay like bejeweled meets RPG mechanics and story bits in between. Although its a light version of all that. Very, very light! Its pretty short, maybe two hours for a playthrough, and the RPG like skills are very few and all passive, also you get a choice of one out of four random upgrades, so its also a bit luck based. The story seems heavily inspired by Sin City, its black and white with a few colour splashes and features both violence and nudity with an antihero protagonist. There are choices with four different endings so it has a bit of replayability. Also i should have gotten the Plat too already, but one trophy glitched on me, i hope i can get it soon…

    • got the last trophy and the platinum in Metropolis!

  4. Plenty of Firewall, now I’ve reached level 32. So fun putting C4 next to the signal jammer and watching people panic and shoot the wrong thing. A tactic I always fall for myself.

    Assorted RPGs, because the backlog won’t shrink if I don’t spend a few dozen hours on them.

    And went mad and picked up NFS Payback for cheap. As fun as always, if you ignore the stupid story. And the annoying English character. Less cheating than the previous game too. Other cars don’t seem to magically catch up all the time.

    And the PS+ games. Which are all a bit crap. Still haven’t got into a game of Friday the 13th. Laser League seems to have people quit if you win, making the whole game pointless. And the rest are “things Sony picked up at a car boot sale” quality.

  5. Just Tomb Raider for me this week.

    And it was all going so well… I really love this game (I do) but I also hate it so much. Or maybe I just really hate plain old bad luck. Because having completed the game 100% last night (100% save file), picking up all 400+ collectibles etc. my game progress has glitched, preventing me from unlocking both the ‘Dr. Croft’ trophy and the Platinum (unless I do it all again). I’m still quite raw about it if you haven’t noticed.

    But setting all that aside for a minute, I really enjoyed this game – it’s by far my favourite entry in the reboot series.

    The game looks fantastic – one of the best looking games I’ve played this gen. And there’s so much attention to detail in everything, it’s hard to imagine how they could improve it further. Crystal Dynamics have really outdone themselves, creating some of the most realistic jungle environments I’ve ever seen in any game.

    The main story is also very well done. I was worried it would be another case of Lara being thrown into another perilous situation and her struggle to survive… and I suppose it is in some respects – only this time, she throws herself into peril and continues on her quest because she feels at least partly responsible for the impending apocalypse.

    I’d heard a few people say that Lara’s actions early in the story were ‘unforgiveable’, but I disagree. I don’t think she had a choice in doing what she did. Either Lara was going to take ‘it’ or Trinity would. Having this decision backfire and lead to some pretty devastating consequences, makes Lara’s determination to stop ‘it’ more believable. I really liked this aspect of the story.

    I also loved how they integrated the open-world areas into the main story. The tribes-people feel more organic and natural than they did in the previous game. It feels authentic – as if Lara has stumbled upon a real, thriving community; cut-off from the outside world. I found the Mayan influences really interesting too. So much so, I finally watched Apocolypto on Netflix and really enjoyed it – the scenes of human sacrifice were unnerving to say the least. There’s a similar scenario in the game which seemed all the more gruesome having seen those scenes in Apocalypto.

    I’m still not a fan of Camilla’s voice work as Lara but she isn’t nearly as erotic as the previous games (if that’s the right word?). The slow, sultry delivery has definitely been toned down (to my ears at least) but it’s still unmistakably Camila reading the lines. She just doesn’t sound like Nigella Lawson describing what she ate for breakfast, anymore – which is a huge plus.

    The real draw and greatest aspect of the game for me, are the numerous puzzles, hidden crypts and challenge tombs throughout. In the previous games the actual ‘Tomb Raiding’ felt like an afterthought but in Shadow, it’s absolutely front and centre. The challenge tombs are still mostly optional – slight deviations from the main path, if you will – but they offer a satisfying challenge and feel like a natural extension of the map. I’m still surprised by just how much exploring and how little combat there is. It’s great – and how it should be IMO.

    Outside of the challenges, I also found the general platforming to be pretty solid. The only parts I didn’t particularly enjoy were the ‘ceiling’ climbing. I thought this was a bit cumbersome but it only occurs three or four times in the whole game, so it isn’t too bad.

    There are some really great locations in the game. One area in particular where Lara must traverse a rocky cliff face, high above the raging rapids below, reminded me so much of the Madubu Gorge level in Tomb Raider III (1998). I remember being blown away by the graphics in the Madubu Gorge level, so to see them recreate that scenario (even if it was unintentional) was a great moment for fans of the original games. It’s pretty amazing how far the franchise (and gaming in general) has come in the last 20 years.

    There’s also a few horror-tinged moments, reminiscent of the underground bunker level in Uncharted (Drake’s Fortune).

    In another scenario, I foolishly believed I could hunt a wild Jaguar from the branch of a tree… the sheer panic as it scrambled up the trunk, swiping at Lara and knocking her down the ground; before dropping back down to finish her off. This isn’t how animals are supposed to behave in videogames… they usually just run around frantically until you fire enough arrows at them and they die.

    So many great/surprising moments like this. I just love the whole game. Not enough to collect 400+ collectibles twice-over, but still, it’s an excellent game – and an excellent Tomb Raider game more to the point . I’m the first person to criticize the reboots but in fairness to Crystal Dynamics, they’ve clearly been listening to the fans and have ultimately done a great job.

    • I thought Eidos where the lead studio on this one hence the slight changes with Crystal Dynamics at an advisory level.
      I’m currently at the end mission of the game just doing bits n bobs really enjoying it,I doubt I will be going for completion or the platinum though as don’t fancy playing the one slip and all the way back to start difficulty.
      I personally enjoyed the reboots more so the first over the second but then i wasn’t a massive fan of the originals especially ps1 days.
      This one has surprised me i didn’t think i would enjoy it as much as i have and with the mixed reviews but i’ve thoroughly enjoyed my play through great game.

  6. Let me think… This week I mostly played Resident Evil Nemesis on Vita. This is a game I would love to see remastered, definitely my favourite of the original 3.

    Also played a little of PES19, Persona 5, Persona 4 Golden, Fallout 4, Battlefront 2 and Gran Turismo Sport for probably a cumulative 3 hours.

    • After the success of RE2 (which it will) I love RE3 mate xD

  7. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey this week for me (had it since Tuesday xD)
    I am loving it sunk in 20hrs and so much to do/explore loving this game. And that is my weekend planned!
    Tonight I’ll be playing Firewall with B_Cambo (taking Odyssey a break lol) looking forward to that

    • I’m getting Firewall and Astro Bot today is Firewall as good as it looks in the trailer’s.

      • A wise Churchill dog once said…..
        ‘Oooohhhh YES!’

  8. 95 hours into Persona 5and completed the final palace…now just gotta wait 21 days for the results to roll in! Took a break on Sunday after getting to that point, played some co op Far Cry 5 and Onrush with Jag, then Tuesday rolled round and I just couldn’t stop myself from buying Fist of the North Star…which is brilliant! Absolutely enjoying it so far and have just started chapter 6 but it’s back to Persona this weekend to finish it off.

    Odyssey is downloaded and ready to go but I’m resisting the urge right now to jump in…at least, until I complete Persona!

  9. I haven’t played anything myself but I did crack out Lego Force Awakens for my little girls (nearly 3) to try. There wasn’t much progress involved, they mostly enjoyed just making BB8 roll around Takodana, occasionally dunking him in the water for a giggle. All addictions have small beginnings though and I was a proud dad watching them both have a good go at working out an analog stick :) My wife isn’t so pleased, haha

  10. This week I finally completed Assassin’s creed Origins, played some of the new Crew 2 races.
    Played Creed Rise to Glory, some matches in Rec Room paintballing on the PSVR.
    Yesterday just started playing Assassin’s creed Odyssey which is a stunning game.

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