Guerrilla Hire Multi Player Developers For Secret Game

Whatever Guerilla are beavering away on in secret it looks like it will include a multiplayer portion. Eagle-eyed patrons of ResetEra noted that some of the team who specialised in online gameplay in Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege have joined the Killzone developer.

Games as a service is now the standard model with online titles getting support for years, but quite how multipayer in Horizon Zero Dawn would work is a little perplexing. I don’t think if I would want to play as anyone else other than Aloy and if there was multiplayer you can’t have twenty Aloy’s running about. The thought occurs that maybe you could be controlling the robotic creatures instead?


Of course there’s a small possibility that it might just be a new Killzone, maybe a Battle Royale version?

However, with no PSX this year the next round of big announcements from Sony is going to be E3 2019, so there’s a long wait ahead, but the game may not even be revealed then. Our current thinking is that the PS5 will be unveiled in February 2020 and on sale Autumn 2020, and that means any exclusive games for the new console won’t be at E3 2019.

Source: ResetEra

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  1. Just remake KZ2 & KZ3 for PS4 please.

    • I’d be totally fine with that. 4K/60FPS Killzone2 sounds amazing.

    • Definitely!!

      Remaster the hell outta 3 and 4 for the PRO!!!

      Thrillzone vibes!!!

  2. I realise it might not be relevant here but keep in mind that they’re also helping with Kojima and Death Stranding so it might relate to that or even future projects with him.

    • Kojima has a team embedded at guerrilla to work closely with them on engine stuff, but I imagine they would be on the payroll of Kojima Productions

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