Mental Health Platformer To Leave Now On Steam And PS4

Apparently this game is already out on PlayStation 4 but it’s the first I’ve heard of it so it’s getting a mention as it’s also just arrived on Steam. To Leave is described as “a narrative-driven platformer that deals with depression, self harm and the search for deeper meaning,” and has been developed by Ecuadorian studio Freaky Creations.

In the game you play as Harm, a character suffering from manic depression who also happens to have a magical flying door. The levels are said to be “akin to an Ayahuasca trip” – I had to Google that – it’s “a foul-tasting hallucinogenic tea that can induce violent nausea and terrifying visions.”


The game is available on the US PS Store and Steam, I’m just waiting for clarification as to when it hit’s the EU PS Store.

Source: Press release / Steam


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