The Call of Juarez Facebook Page Has Been Updated, Gunslinger Remaster On The Way?

The Facebook page for  Call of Juarez , which has dormant for well over five years, has been updated with an image of Gunslinger’s main character, Silas Greaves, and tagged with the phrase “Legends never die.”

There’s also some text, “I haven’t been here in many years. Name’s Silas Greaves.” which is a quote from the opening cinematic of  Call of Juarez: Gunslinger.

You may recall that a few months ago Techland managed to buy back the rights for some of the games in the franchise, and then managed to secure the entire Call of Juarez IP. The original version of Gunslinger was delisted from digital stores for a short while whilst the deal with Ubisoft was agreed, but the game is back on sale with Techland as the publisher. Presumably this update to the Facebook page means something else is happening, probably a remaster of some sorts.

Source: Facebook via GameSpot

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