Borderlands 2 Is Coming To PlayStation VR This December

PlayStation VR is about to get a full blown triple-A game, albeit an old one, Borderlands 2 has been announced for Sony’s headset and will on the shelves on December 14th. Those who pre-order will also get a dynamic theme as a bonus.

Gearbox have made a number of tweaks to the game to make it fit VR and it will include both standard and teleport style locomotion. Vehicles will get a first person view for the first time, menus are now point and click using the motion controllers, and a new slow-mo ability Bad Ass Mega Fun Time (aka BAMF Time) has been added.

This is the second time Borderlands 2 has been squeezed on Sony’s specialised hardware, the full game was also ported to PlayStation Vita.

Source: Press release

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  1. Borderlands art style will probably look pretty good on PSVR. Of all the games I’ve played so far, the bright, colourful games are the most enjoyable (DINO Frontier being the best). I’ve found the dark, real-world looking games suffered more from obvious resolution limitations.

  2. Yay! VR Buttstalion. And a VR hunt for tinkle-juice.

    If they don’t screw it up, I’m in for the 3rd time I guess.

  3. I am both excited and disappointed. I just don’t know if I can bring myself to play for a 4th time.

    Wonder if this means it’ll be coming in VR for BL3.

  4. Will this not be a free VR update for BL2 as I already own the copy? WipeOut and DriveClub (DiRT maybe?) Have patched them with VR support.

    • Doubt it, I think it’ll be more like Skyrim where you’ll have to buy the full game again.
      It sounds like a modified version of the game given you can only choose from the base four characters and their skills have been changed for solo play.

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