The Persistence Gets Four Free New Game Modes & A Halloween Discount

The Persistence brought procedurally generated scares to PlayStation VR back at the end of July, and the launch and reception has seen Firesprite Games keep on plugging away at the game, working on a bunch of new game modes and tweaks for the game. All of these will be coming in a free update next week on 18th October.

To be fair, some of the new modes are a bit more adventurous than others. Glass Cannon sees you trying to work through 24 increasingly difficult rooms to escape at the other end of the Deck, doing so with unlimited ammo in a weapon of your choice, but only one hit point and no health pickups. First Blood, meanwhile, equips you with just a Peacekeeper knife and asks you to get to the end.

More run of the mill are Campaign+, which lets you take all your existing gear and upgrades but challenges you without SuperSense and with a Bloodhound on your tail, and Permadeath which gives you just a single life and tweaks character upgrades to allow for this.

However, Firesprite are also looking to make the game more accessible, both in terms of difficulty and for players with disabilities. These let you tweak game speed, damage, give you infinite teleport, ammo, tag all enemies and auto-deploy your shield. The hearing impaired can also turn on visual indicators for key audio events.

And, of course, it’s Halloween at the end of the month, and that’s a great time for a scary game to go on sale. The Persistence will be 25% off from the release of the update through the end of the month, with an extra 10% off for PS+ subscribers.

Source: press release

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  1. Visual Indicators for the win xD
    This is a plus for me ^^
    Will pick up this copy for Halloween night xD

  2. Well, I did say back in July…

    “they don’t really think I’m buying another VR game in this bloody weather, do they? Maybe around October, once it’s cooled down a bit.”

    So I guess I’ll be buying it next week then. Will it be 35% off for PS+ people, or 25% and then 10% off that. Which makes 32.5% off. That’s a whole 62p difference.

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