What We Played #368 – Forza Horizon 4, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey & Strange Brigade

And the rain rain rain, came down down down.

It was 20 degrees yesterday and sunny. I had my shorts on. Today there’s torrential rain and the wind is trying to remove every leaf from every tree and put it inside my house. This is less good. Still, the horrible weather means you can’t feel bad about staying inside all day playing computer games, so there’s always that. I’ve started playing Starlink: Battle For Atlas for review as well as SoulCalibur VI, and it seems like I’ve spent about a fortnight surrounded by cardboard thanks to the Labo Vehicle Kit. Fortunately, it’s a ton of foldable fun!

Aran has played a more Jurassic World Evolution, but got a bit bored so he sent it back to Boomerang. He also reviewed the decidedly average Metal Max Xeno. Jason played Friday the 13th, “which was empty and not good”. He also played The World Ends With You, which he still absolutely loves. It’s all about historical smooshing and petting animals really though “Most of my time has been spent with Kassandra in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, kicking people off things and making friends with wolves.”

Tuffcub has played Destiny 2, the Strange Brigade DLC with Ade, and Earth Wars, which is apparently a very odd Japanese side scrolling hack and slash game. Speaking of Ade, he is playing some new tables of Pinball FX 3 for review, though sadly as the tables were released the other day, all of his high scores have been well and truly smashed. “I played some Strange Brigade DLC with TC, which was a lot of fun. The more I play Strange Brigade, the more I like it – it’s a straightforward team shooter and its simplicity is all part of the charm.”

Miguel has spent this week playing Forza Horizon 4, saying it’s “the most addictive game I’ve touched all year”. He’s also played The World Ends With You on Switch and wished he was playing it on DS instead. He’s also tucked into some more Marble It Up! Gareth is still on that assassin game: “I’ve played some more Odyssey and that’s all. It continues to be delightfully kick-people-off-roofsy.” Quite.

Steve’s week has been fairly light on the games front. He’s played some more DQVIII and a couple of things for review, but he’s not had much time aside from that thanks to it being the start of term and preparing to teach seminars.

And finally, Tef’s been a busy bee, playing something he can’t talk about until next week, banging drums in Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum ‘n’ Fun! on Switch, rolling around in Katamari Damacy Reroll, and spending the rest of his time just driving around the wonderful Forza Horizon 4. All of that is going to be put to one side as he gets cracking on our Black Ops 4 review this weekend.

Now then, what have you played?

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  1. This whole week was Assassins Creed Odyssey sunk in 55hrs and still more to explore… I think I’ll get the Platinum on Sunday I reckon.
    Tonight is FIREWALL VR!!!
    Been a week since I played it and missed it so much lol.
    Enjoy the gaming weekend troops! xD

  2. Finished Spiderman, main story and side quests/collectables/bases. Couldn’t be bothered to go for the all suits trophy and therefore platinum.

    Started on AC Odyssey, despite saying I wouldn’t be buying it until after RDR2, lol! I’ve played all the AC games and 100%’d most of them, including Origins, but for some reason, this one is feeling a little overwhelming. The controls feel weird. I’ve changed them in the settings menu, and they are a bit better now, but I’m still not overly confident in traversal/combat. I’m only about 4 hours in though, so hopefully it will all ‘click’ soon.

  3. My Saturday was dedicated to completing Persona 5…I thought I had a few hours left but in the end took me nearly another ten hours to see it through to the end but was worth it! Not the typical end game drag (luckily went in prepared) every story beat was perfect and overall thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience, was hard not to jump straight back in to NG+ if I’m honest!

    About 5 minutes after completing that I booted up Odyssey and I’m now 30+ hours in…the equivalent to my entire time spent completing origins. I’m hooked! Such a beautiful world, an intriguing story and there’s just so much to do. I’ve actually found myself at a stage where I’m overlevelled slightly for the story stuff now…didn’t expect that after all the furore over the games boosters but not about to fan the Olympic flames on that subject…

    Anyway a great week for gaming, now to spend the weekend with real people socialising…I miss Persona, haha

  4. The big one for me has been AC Odyssey and my only complaint is not being able to spend more time playing it!
    It’s such a good game and I personally don’t understand all the fuss about it having too much to do (is that actually a bad thing) or the xp boost “controversy”.
    Don’t get me wrong I’m not a fan of microtransactions in any game but they have been in all the AC games this gen in one form or another and I’ve never felt the urge to buy them or that they’ve ruined the balance of the game.
    The level of detail and scale of Odyssey just blows me away and I’ve been having a blast playing it.
    Other than that it’s been a bit of Forza Horizon 4 and F1 2018 to scratch that racing itch.

    • It’s silly really….. imagine a same player complains about the game for being short and the very same complains for being too long…. WTF?!?!?
      I think it’s awesome and happy that it has alot of missions granted its repetitive but again as I’ve always said…. all games are like that!
      As for Microtransactions they can get tae *redacted*
      There is enough to do to level up in the game by playing…. no need to pay to skip nonsense!

  5. I was planning on playing Astro Bot, but due to someone obviously forgetting to make enough copies so it sold out everywhere, I’m not.

    So it was mostly more of the same as the past couple of weeks. All sorts of random RPGs. And some more of NFS Payback. Quite enjoying that, really. Not the greatest, but a perfectly competent game. The off-road racing being better than the rest of it, for some reason. Fun sliding around and jumping all over the place. Although that does have the most annoying character ever for those races. And the map turns into a complete mess with possibly more icons than the recent AC games. Well, I don’t know what the map is like in Odyssey, but I’m assuming it’s as bad as Oranges was.

    Firewall probably doesn’t need to be mentioned, does it? I now have the C4. This is a good thing. Although probably not a good thing for anyone trying to shoot a signal jammer I might have placed in a handy bin along with the C4. There’s about a 50% chance that anyone trying to deal with the C4/signal jammer combo will explode themselves. Which doesn’t get you the points for the kill, but may get your team the win, which is what really counts. And it’s funny to watch.

    Also in VR, I picked up No Heroes Allowed in the current sale. Simple little game that works very well in VR. Each level takes place on a big table in front of you while you spawn monsters to take over the level. And Badman (and his very creepy daughter) offer helpful tips and stupid comments. Actually made me laugh reasonably loudly a few times. Silly little things like rotating the map and nearly knocking creepy daughter over (she threatens you with a curse for that). Or the ridiculously long sequence when you fail a level.

    It also has the longest trophy descriptions ever. And no trophy for killing 53,594 heroes. Worth a look at £6.49 until next Wednesday.

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