What We Played #369 – Black Ops 4, Starlink: Battle For Atlas & SoulCalibur VI

Back in... Orange?

Another week, and yet more games played. For me it’s been a toy-tastic seven days playing Starlink: Battle for Atlas, while I was slightly less impressed with SoulCalibur VI. I’ve also been getting into Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode, and actually made it my first launch buy of the series. I really like sneaking my way into the top ten, but so far have only made it to second place. Other than that there’s been some Labo Vehicle Kit play, Jurassic World Evolution, and Forza Horizon 4.

Jim managed to strike two games off his backlog: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst and Assassin’s Creed Origins. “Struggled to beat them and although there are good things to say about both, they just felt a bit ‘meh’.” He also isn’t feeling like grabbing the new AC game; “It’s fair to say that I won’t be getting Odyssey. The combat in Origins is alarmingly dull and as much as I love Ubisoft’s world-building in this game, there’s way too much for me to enjoy. The series just hasn’t been the same since moving on from Ezio.” He also played Black Ops 4 (getting his first Blackout win!) as well as For Honor’s Marching Fire expansion.

Jason has managed to play some games, though he’s soon to embark on the a new and very long RPG called ‘Fatherhood’. First up was Starlink: Battle For Atlas “which was great”. He also snuck in Dark souls Remastered “which is a bad version of a good game”. Soul Calibur VI was apparently a lot of fun for him but he agrees that the single-player was naff. On top of that it was Skyscrappers on Switch which is a fun little multiplayer shindig, Blackout which is a mode in the new COD game and is far better than he was expecting and finally some Bloodborne because it’s nearly Halloween.

Ade is playing something that he can’t write, talk or – quite possibly – even think about till next week! Miguel meanwhile played some Warriors Orochi 4 on PS4 and a little more Marble It Up on Switch! He’s also been playing Dragalia Lost since it came out and its been…fine.

Jake’s been playing Destiny 2: Forsaken on and off, even after completing the latest raid. He’s also dipped back into Assassin’s Creed Origins, which has sat at the top of my backlog list for the good part of this year. “I’ve just assassinated the woman known as The Hyena, so I’m just over half way (I think).”

Though there’s newer game, Steve has been playing the Lego Ninjago Movie Game with his son “which is alright, but feels quite linear and stripped back compared to the better games in the Lego series. Doesn’t help that I don’t really have any affinity with the characters, but Xander is enjoying it so it’s a success”. He’s dug out his old DS carts for a spot of 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors to kick off a playthrough of the Nonary series having ‘finished’ Dragon Quest VIII – he gave up on the final boss after multiple party wipes and then looking it up to find that he would need to spend hours grinding for levels or alchemy pot equipment to beat it.

Aran has played through Zoink’s Flipping Death which was apparently a very humorous game. “Don’t think it was quite as comedic as Stick It To The Man, but definitely worth a playthrough”. He’s also started AC Odyssey and chosen to play as Kassandra as he explores the digital Ancient Greece.

Tuffcub has played Destiny 2, and Bubble Bobble while waiting for Destiny 2 to install it’s latest patch, and also gave We Happy Few a go. “I love the premise of the game, I love the art, the story. but bugger me sideways that game is janky. Texture pop ins, audio stuttering really badly, sidequest bugs etc etc. Such a shame.”

Gareth has played a tiny bit of Odyssey, which continues to be impractically large but a delight, and a little Shadows Awakening for review. Due next week!

Finally, Tef was the one who reviewed Black Ops 4 this past week, getting a ‘fishy dishy’ (a win) on his very first attempt at solo Blackout mode, and being part of the team with Jim and Jambo that streamed last Sunday and won with the final game. He’s also been playing Reigns: Game of Thrones, got hands on with Diablo 3 on Switch, played the surprisingly promising World War Z, and made a desk!

What is it that you’ve played, eh?

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  1. Sunk in 80hrs on Assassins Creed: Odyssey and got the Platinum! What a game and still so much more to explore!
    Going to edit my vids and screenshots xD
    Currently playing Firewall and that is the game I plan to play for a week until RDR2 is released!

  2. AC Odyssey. Not really enjoying it tbh. I’ve only just arrived in Athens, so know there is still a loooooong way to go, but finding it all quite boring so far. It’s so massive that everything just feels like a chore. It doesn’t feel remotely like an AC game either.

  3. Mostly tidying up this week. I managed to snag the platinums for Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Spider-Man – and spent a bit of time on AC Odyssey.

    Tomb Raider on hard mode was a good challenge. Really enjoyed the game a lot.

    Unlocked all the suits in Spider-Man which was a bit of a grind having to clear all districts 100%. But really looking forward to the extra content in the season pass.

    Really enjoying AC Odyssey too. But my need to clear every area before moving on to the next means I won’t actually finish the game until the year 2025.

    I’m also finding the game to be a little raunchier than previous games in the series. I’d avoided all the romance encounters up to a point because my Alexios was holding out for the man of his dreams. But then I stumbled upon a side-mission, where an exhausted husband was close to insanity due to his wife’s insatiable need to, er, make love, 24/7. I just felt so bad for the husband, who was clearly one romp away from an early grave and felt I had to step up to the mark.

    Everyone was happy in the end – I even got a handshake from the husband – but a part of me felt slightly violated to be put on the spot like that.

    To be fair, there are haven’t been any male romance options in the game (so far). I wonder if this is the same for Kassandra? Meanwhile, the woman are offering their wares to anyone and everyone who passes them in the street. Just pick a few herbs for their sick Fathers and you’re in, so to speak. The men mostly just want to kill you or screw you over (and not in the good way).

    What happens in Phokis, stays in Phokis, I guess.

    Later that day, I got to thinking about love. Will Alexios find his Mr Big? Will his next armour upgrade be fashion forward or fashion for…WTF? Stay tuned for next weeks episode of Sex and the Odyssey.

  4. RPG backlog week again.

    And finished the main bits of NFS Payback. Then looked at the map and decided I’d leave it a bit before going for all those little icons.

    There might have been quite a bit of Firewall again. It’s getting more challenging now some people have got to the higher levels and you come across door blockers more often. Frequently finding the other team hiding in the laptop room. That’s where communication is important as you blow the doors off with C4 and all charge in through 2 or 3 different doors at once and hope for the best. Satisfying when it works, and still quite amusing when it all goes wrong.

    And also The Persistence, since it was on sale. Loving it so far, even if I’m frequently dying and need to bring a spare pair of pants or 2 to every game.

    There was also a nice update to the wonderful Accounting+. I found 1 new level, can’t find the other (if it’s even actually there), and somehow caused an incident with the level loader. I’m sure that does something when it happens. I also saw the new trophies for it and swore at them. Looks like I need to do the almost impossible and get a basketball into the hoop. There was originally a trophy for that, but after failing a few times, Clovis decides to give you the trophy anyway. And now I think I need to do it for real. Because they hate me or something.

  5. Not a lot, i’ve been miserable with flu but improving now, played a few hours NMS here and there.
    And i checked out the Astro Bot PSVR demo – first two levels and half a boss-fight. Pretty good, nothing hugely different from the original Playroom ‘demo’ but i know there’s even better stuff in the later levels and i’ll definitely be grabbing the full game.

    • I too have been suffering all week with flu, hope you’re back on your feet soon! How was astro bot? I need to give the demo a shot but waiting for this headache to disappear -_-

  6. Played two or three hours of PES 19’s Master League and my young side is progressing nicely.

    Not too much of my original AC Milan team left but I will say that the lad Cutrone is a revelation.

    Trying my best to stick with Italian youth but it’s slim pickings. No wonder they didn’t make it to the World Cup.

  7. Very much the same as last week for me with AC Odyssey taking up most of my gaming time with a little F1 2018 and Forza Horizon 4 sprinkled into the mix.
    Loving Odyssey but with the way I play I’m never going to complete it by the time RDR2 is out!

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