Modus Games Announce Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince

After a bit of EU documentation leaked Trine 4 a couple weeks ago, Modus Games have now officially announced that they’re working with original developer Frozenbyte to develop Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince. The game will be coming to PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC next year.

Well, I say they officially announced it, but their official announcement is more about announcing that it will be officially announced some time soon. I guess that’s when we’ll get a trailer?

Still, it’s good news for fans of the series after the reception to Trine 3, which many criticised as being too short, and the cost of that game’s development versus its monetary return caused Frozenbyte to question whether the puzzle platformer series had any future at all.

Trine 3 took what had previously been a sidescrolling platformer and made it a 3D game in the process. What can Trine 4 offer? The only way forward is surely some kind of seat rumbling, face splashing ‘4D’ tech. Or VR, I suppose…

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