Red Dead Redemption 2 Video Review Chat

So, that game is upon us and all of you wannabe cowboys can finally tuck into Red Dead Redemption 2… well, after all our respective midnight launches, anyway!

Following on from our review, Ade and I caught up to chat about the game, its open world, the relationships and, obviously, horse knackers. It’s all in 4K and we’ve kept is as spoiler free as possible with the footage and chat, so no worries there before you click play.

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  1. I’ll try to watch the video again later guys, thanks for doing that it sounds interesting! Just need to watch it with the phone facing down so I don’t see any more of the video, I’m sure you wouldn’t include spoilers but I just want to see it all for the first time on my own telly.

    One question though, is there a day one patch or should I expect to be able to play off the disc? Our internet is down today and I’m not optimistic, very bad timing by BT!

    • There is a day one patch yeah. I forget the size of it, around 3-4GB I think but if you’ve got the game on disc you can always play without the patch for a little bit.

      And fair enough. We’ve got snippets from the first hour or so, but they’re edited up in a funny way.

      • Cheers Tef. I won’t get to play until after the kids go to bed (it’ll be agonising!!) so fingers crossed I have internets by then!

  2. I enjoyed watching this while having a poo, it was about the perfect length (the video that is, not the poo).

    Well done.

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