Relive The GameCube’s Heyday As Resident Evil 1, Zero and 4 Come To Switch Next Year

There was quite the hullaballoo in the early 2000s, when Capcom seemed to be favouring Nintendo over Sony. The GameCube got a remake of the original Resident Evil, there was the console exclusive prequel Resident Evil Zero, and then Resident Evil 4 was a dramatic shakeup for the series that came as part of the Capcom Five.

You’ll soon be able to re-live those heady, promise-filled days – in the end the Capcom Five couldn’t make the GameCube the success it should have been, and only one of the eventual four games has remained an exclusive – as Capcom have announced that the Resident Evil remake, Resident Evil Zero and Resident Evil 4 will be coming to Switch in 2019.

These will almost certainly be the remastered version of the games that have appeared on other current consoles, but I sincerely hope Capcom will make sure there’s support for GameCube controllers so we can pretend that Nintendo have given us the GameCube Virtual Console we all deserve.

Also, they need to remaster Viewtiful Joe and the rest of the Capcom Five. Yes, even P.N.03…

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  1. Luigis Mansion 1 and 2 please. Second Sight would be a treat and Windwaker and Twilight Princess.

  2. Oh yay/bollocks. Have been waiting ages for Switch versions of these games. Finally gave up waiting this week and bought all three on Xbox One. Will no doubt end up buying them all on Switch too as I have zero willpower ?

    • Also yes please to the Gamecube controller support. By far my favourite controller to play Resi games

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