Ride 3’s Latest Trailer Promises Some Extreme Bike Customisation

Milestone’s last crack of the racing game whip this year is coming on 30th November with the release of Ride 3, and it’s really here that the company get to cut loose and do their own thing. Sure, there’s a ton of licensed bikes in there, but Milestone have freedom to pick the locations, the tracks that they want outside of their licensed racers. It also means that they can cut loose with tons of customisation, which is at the heart of the latest trailer.

In addition to having over 500 mechanical and purely aesthetic parts to slap on your bikes, modifying their handling on track, the livery editor allows you to really make it your own, with layering letting you create whatever look you like, and then share it online. It’s not a revolutionary new feature for a racing game, but it’s a great one to have nonetheless.

Ride 3 is out for PS4, Xbox One and PC on 30th November.

Source: press release

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