Two Point Hospital Braces Itself For Spooky Patients And Sandbox Mode

With its classic hospital management, Two Point Hospital has been rather popular with fans of the old Theme Hospital games. Of course, they’re still people on the internet and that means they can never truly be satisfied, though that hasn’t stopped Two Point Studios from trying.

That’s led them to creating Sandbox: Freeplay mode, which will be added to the game next week and is pretty much exactly what you’d expect it to be. Once you’ve beaten the third hospital, you can create your own from scratch within any of the 15 maps in the game, setting whatever options you want, from kudosh and temperature to the number of patients you want to try and see.


Alongside Freeplay, the next few weeks will be getting into the Halloween swing of things, as the appropriately named Spooooooky Mode brings mysterious cases of Frightheadedness, a spooky soundtrack and more.

Source: press release

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