What We Played #370 – Red Dead Redemption 2, Lego: DC Super-Villains & Black Ops 4


This week is nearly done, and with it comes another weekend to fill with as much stuff as possible. It’s been another packed week here at TSA towers though which started with the recording of the Pubcast and hasn’t let up since. I’ve been playing My Hero One’s Justice and having a lot of fun with it, while dipping back into Starlink and Into The Breach. I’m also enjoying Call of Duty far more than I expected to, even though I don’t think I’m much cop at the actual shooting stuff. I am however pretty good at the sneaking around thing, so making it into the top ten on Blackout has started to be a regular occurrence.

Ade has unsurprisingly been playing an awful lot of Red Dead Redemption 2, and handed it an incredible 10/10. “It’s very very good but is also massive and took over my life for a little bit there. I was genuinely surprised today to realise that I don’t actually know how to ride a horse.” Tackling an equally massive game, Aran managed a spot more AC Odyssey; “I’m 17 hours and I’m still exploring the North West area of the map. It’s huge and packed with stuff to do.”

Steve has mainly been playing through Lego: DC Super-Villains for review. “Came at a perfect time with half-term, so Xander and I have been being bad. Other than that, more lecture writing and teaching has only left time to have a nostalgic look at the PS One Spyro games on Vita in preparation for the remasters. Still fighting the urge to grab RDR2 despite my lack of time, so we’ll see how that goes. My willpower is generally an easy boss to conquer.”

Miguel’s week has been a little stacked with college work, but he squeezed a quick Forza Horizon 4 session in and also started messing with Gal Metal on Switch for review, before streaming some Swedish robot action with Tef in Generation Zero. Jim played a ton of For Honor’s new Marching Fire expansion. “Continues to be my favourite fighting (probably of all time, now that I think about it)”. He also playing some GRIP and fired up Until Dawn.

Gareth upgraded his gaming set-up this week and got a Switch and a PS4 Pro despite some kind of super-flu taking over his body. This meant he has used an eclectic mix of games with which to comfort himself: Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Cities: Skylines, Batman Arkham Knight, Dead Rising 4, Onrush, Stardew Valley, Dead Cells, Mario Kart 8 and Zelda: Breath of the Wild. “Not much to say about these, except that Zelda is a uniquely captivating game that I keep having to take breaks from because I keep dying so much.” Oh, and he squeezed in some Spider-Man DLC for an impressions piece coming next week and Shadows Awakening for review.

Jason polished off Starlink and played a lot more of Into The Breach. “I dipped into SkyScrappers on Switch which is a fun little multiplayer title. Mostly I’ve been playing through Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey though, it’s such a brilliant open world game that it suits staying up with the new baby perfectly.” Meanwhile Tuffcub is sunning himself but has been playing AC Liberation, FF X2, and Another World – all on Vita.

Even though he didn’t review it, Tef’s also had Red Dead Redemption 2 consume part of his life. There were the fun and frolicks of capture going a bit wonky for our video review chat, before he then streamed a good chunk of the start of the game last night. Outside of that, he played some Black Ops 4 while waiting for RDR2 to install, Cities: Skylines for the Industries expansion, Luigi’s Mansion on 3DS, streamed Generation Zero with Miguel, and a spot, a tiny little spot of Destiny 2.

Aaand just before the weekend, and RDR2 takes over your life, what have you been playing?

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  1. I’ve been playing nothing, no games for three weeks now, but tonight I’ll wreck that minor achievement with a lot of Red Dead Redemption! It’s just installed, still got no internet and I’ve sacrificed a chunk of my mobile data trying a failed update so I’ll probably report back on v1.0 bugs tomorrow. Hay, here’s hoping I don’t get saddled with and nag-ing issues! I’m sure it’ll be very stable and won’t trigger a crash.

  2. Little bits of the backlog again.

    And Firewall quite a bit. Best achievement there this week was when faced with a door blocker. Turns out they’d got C4 on the inside, hoping to blow me up while I tried to remove the blocker. They didn’t realise I’d got C4 too, because door blockers are quite common now and C4 is the quickest way to deal with them.

    The explosion when I blew the door up triggered their C4, which they were standing a little bit too close to. So I got the trophy for killing someone with their own C4 by shooting it. And in the chaos, I shot someone else, and the rest of my team charged in through the other door and finished them off.

    But now it’s be RDR2 for quite some time. A few hours in and it definitely deserves it’s current position as the best PS4 game (going on review scores, and even counting the obvious click-bait 7/10 score someone gave it). A fist fight in a saloon just amused me, because I got thrown onto a table, and then through a window to finish fighting in a muddy street. Which is exactly how such a fight should happen. And the women singing a somewhat rude song and getting the words wrong was a neat touch.

    • It’s all about opinions of course, but I completely disagree with you about how good RDR2 is. I can’t for the life of me understand how this averages 97 on Metacritic.
      I waited 8 years for this and I’m massively disappointed. The controls are shocking and unnecessarily awkward. The running/galloping/stamina is an unnessecary chore, the fistfights are terrible and the shooting mechanics are poor.
      It looks great but the gameplay seems to have been an afterthought, 12 hours in and it’s got old very fast.
      I thought the 7/10 review was click bait too, but now I’d have to completely agree with score. It seems they gave an honest review and not higher one because its Rockstar!!
      More like Cowboy Sim, than Red Dead 2.

  3. Finished the main story of Odyssey on Thursday, clocked in at 61 hours but nowhere near done with the game. Have done a fair chunk of side quests plus hunting cultists, now to get to level 50 to finish off everything else the game has to offer and see through the rest of the story. Absolutely brilliant game though and cannot recommend enough!

    However, it’s time to tear myself away for a bit as it’s time to explore the Wild West – played a couple of hours so far and it’s all very engrossing, beautiful and great to be back in this world, though it’s taking some time getting used to the change of pace from AC!

    I did also make some time to play more of Mario Odyssey this week, been a while since I played on my Switch. Still a lot of fun but can’t seem to find myself being wholly engrossed by it like I was this time last year!

  4. Been in Italy all week, and now in France this weekend. Had confirmation that my copy of RDR2 has been pushed through the letter box, so roll on Sunday when I can finally play the damn thing!

  5. Played mainly AC Origins this week, wanted to get it finished before RDR2 and almost made it, i have to be one or two missions away now. Tried to stay up for the midnight unlock of my digital purchase of RDR2 yesterday but failed miserably… Fell asleep at around 22:00 on my couch and woke a bit after 2. So i played about 2 hours before finaly going to bed, and today i also managed to get a few hours of play time. Loving it so far! Still want to finish AC Origins, but between RDR2, an exam on monday and a paper due in early december i dont know where to take the time… (oh there is also the Spider-Man DLC and New Game+…)

  6. I recovered from late gaming nights during my two weeks of holidays on some Italian beach, mostly snorkeling, eating fine ice cream, sleeping loads, and not doing much else.

    Back home, I started up this brand new and mostly unknown game called GTA V. Of course, it’s really good, and messing around in GTA’s worlds has always been fun, doing all those naughty things you otherwise never would. This third guy that was introduced put me off quite a bit, though, and I’m not sure how long I’ll continue to play the story, but I’ll see.

    • You’ll warm to Trevor, give him time, he’s truly the most lovable psychopath ever :)

      • Yeah, Trevor is his name. I thought it was quite an introduction for a character you’re actually expected to play.
        But, playing on last night, I seem indeed to warm to him, as you put it, I’m just not sure whether I should find that worrying…

  7. Same as usual for me AC Odyssey with a side helping of F1 2018 and Forza Horizon 4.
    The dilemma begins today when it’ll be tough to decide between Red Dead and AC.

  8. Nothing much for me this week. Picked up a copy of Resident Evil 4 in the Halloween sale so have been slowly playing through that. Still an absolute masterpiece with near perfect pacing.
    Also played a round of Mario Party at my Brothers birthday, which was a lot of fun. Shame about the 4 Joy Con requirement. Would pick up a copy myself if I could use the selection of pro controllers I own.
    Would have liked to have picked up Red Dead 2 this week but have been given strict instructions not to buy any new games at this time of year so I suspect Father Christmas has snagged me a copy.

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