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Out Today, No Man’s Sky – The Abyss Overhauls Underwater Exploration

You might think of No Man’s Sky for its interstellar planet hopping, taking off in spacecraft to find new systems and planets, but what’s on a lot of those planets? Vast seas and oceans. Up until now your exploration options were limited, but a new update out today called The Abyss – which was teased last week – brings a wealth of new possibilities to explore under the surface.

Version 1.7 of the game sees Hello Games overhaul the underwater rendering and effects, while adding submersible building modules to create underwater seabases, replete with airlocks to contend with water pressure, and the upgradeable Nautilon exocraft with which to explore the ocean bed.

Down there you might find sunken wrecks, treasures and submerged buildings, while there’s more variety in the flora and fauna for you to appreciate and add to your encyclopaedia of alien life. You may also be drawn into The Dreams of the Deep, a new story where you try to discover the fate of a crew of a freighter crash.

The free update it out now for No Man’s Sky on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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  1. Another great update, if it wasn’t for the initial bad press this game would be even bigger. Hell of a game.

  2. Underwater stuff seemed to have been overlooked, even trimmed back a bit, in the Next update – but this latest update makes underwater exploration much more compelling!

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