Limbo And Inside Developers Are “Tired” Of 2D Game Limitations

After two critically acclaimed and hugely atmospheric games, Playdead are moving on from the style of side-scrolling adventure and puzzling that made them so successful. In an interview with Danish site DR, co-founder and art director Arnt Jensen spoke about their next project and how it would push beyond what Limbo and Inside tried to achieve.

In particular, they’re moving on from 2D gaming, with Arnt saying (via Google Translate) “It will be a little bigger game than the other two. It will be more open and it will be a 3rd person game with a much larger area that you can move around in.” He goes further, saying, “I’ve been tired of the limitations in 2D games. We have been through it over many years, so without knowing how to deal with the big world, that’s the way we did to get back on uncertain ground.”


Following on from the brief teases that Playdead have previously revealed, Arn confirmed, “It’s a sci-fi adventure in the universe. But it draws on the same feelings as the other two games, so it becomes a bit melancholic.”

He continued on his inspirations: “I have a melancholic soul, but I do not know how it originated. It’s just the universes I like to be in – also in movies and music. I like when there is room for you to sit and think at the same time, so you do not get everything explained and pressed down. In our game there is a lot between the lines of feeling emotional so people can draw their own conclusions.”

After the excellence of Playdead’s first two games, we naturally cannot wait to hear and see more.

Source: DR via Engadget

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  1. The move from 2D to 3D will mean very different game mechanics but i’m liking the look of that screenshot, like a darker version of Journey.

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