The News At Sixth – 08/11/18

I wasn’t kidding when I said yesterday that the weight of games coming out is kicking back into high gear. Today saw the review embargo for Battlefield V lift – though we’re checking it out over the weekend to complete our review, so a Road to Review is all you’ll get a second – and a big preview for Just Cause 4. Not only that, but we’ve got the likes of Hitman 2 launching tomorrow and we’ll be tucking into that as soon as we can!

Also today…

Daybreak Games, the makers of H1Z1 have raised over $40,000 for Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego, CA, thanks to their participation in Extra Life. It’s the third-highest fundraising total from a US game developer.

Check out all these tractors!

You’ll soon be able to play The Quiet Man with words and sound.

Get a behind the scenes look into Team Sonic Racing‘s development.

VRC Pro is now out on Steam

Bunnymare: Circus Escape has hopped its way onto iOS and Android

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