Loot Boxes Have Now Been Removed From Forza Motorsport 7

A change announced a few months ago, Forza Motorsport 7’s November update has followed through on the promise of removing prize crates – the game’s name for loot boxes. These were originally going to be tied in with a system of microtransactions after the game’s launch, but that never came about and Turn 10 eventually decided to ditch the randomised element that the prize crates offered.

In their place there’s now a Race Shop, where players can directly buy the previous contents of these boxes, including driver gear and mod cards. The race shop’s inventory is an ever-changing thing though, switching up what you can buy every six minutes.


The November update does more than this, though. There’s a new collisions model that improves energy dissipation between vehicles and tire friction, making collisions “softer”, while collisions are calculated locally for multiplayer and then blended with other players’ consoles. Finally, Collision Assist is a new option that can reduce the rotational effect that crashes can have, which could help reduce griefing online.

This month’s Spotlight Car is the 1973 Porsche #6 Penske Sunoco 917/30 Can-Am Spyder:

And Hot Wheels have now come to the game:

Source: Forza

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