Report: PlayStation Now Accounts For 52% Of Gaming Subscription Services

Research firm SuperData has reported that online game subscription services generated $273m in revenue in the last quarter between July and September 2018. Breaking down the various services they show that PlayStation Now is beating all the other services combined, grabbing 52% of the revenue.

That’s quite a large margin but Xbox owners do have a choice of Xbox Games Pass and EA Access so that would split the numbers on that platform, and PC gamers are split by the two different flavours of Origin Access, meaning that EA account for a third of all revenue.


Microsoft have recently revealed Project X Cloud which will allow subscribers to playing Xbox games on many formats, including mobile, so that’s going to have a big impact when it’s rolled out.

We should point out that SuperData use complex methodologies to create their reports rather than having access to the real data, but they are generally regarded to be similar to the real numbers.

Source: PCGamesInsider

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  1. So that’s $273m over 3 months. Or £210m.

    And if 52% of that is for PS Now, and everyone was paying £12.99 a month, that makes 5.4m PS Now subscribers. Or if everyone was paying £7.09 a month (the cost if you pay for 12 months), that makes 9.9m subscribers. If it was all US subscribers, it could be as low as 4.6m.

    Sounds like a fairly decent number.

    XBox Game Pass at £7.99 a month makes 1.3m (US prices or longer subscription options don’t make a huge difference there).

    That weird decision MS made to do a streaming option doesn’t sound so weird now.

    • Right now it’s nothing to do with the technology behind the services. MS are working on streaming with a clear eye toward the future, but Sony have added game downloading to PS Now because that doesn’t stress the servers. The current positions are more about the size of the player base and exposure to the services. PS Now’s been around for much longer, it’s on more platforms, and there’s so many more PlayStation 4 owners.

  2. Truly shocked by this as, unless they’ve improved it, PSNOW has always been a bit wank hasn’t it?

    • Well, they added the option to download PS4 games. And it worked well way back in the beta stage.

      Some people obviously had a good moan about it being shit when the problem was more likely to be with their internet connection.

      But obviously enough people think it’s good enough if there are millions using it.

    • Tech wise it’s surprisingly good. I tried a trial back when downloads were just a rumour and on my (admittedly decent) connection it all just worked. Lag was minimal and it was even fine to play stuff like Everybodies Golf with some adjustment. A little surprised at the disparity between Game Pass and PSNow though. I like PSNow for the big library of niche titles but didn’t really see it so mass market. If you game solely or mainly on X1 then Game Pass is a no brainer. Why wouldn’t you sub?

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