What We Played #372 – Tetris Effect, Steel Rats & Battlefield V

Mo people, mo problems.

Normally writing What We Played is pretty straightforward, but thanks to an influx of new writers this week everyone has turned Slack into some sort of “conversation” where everybody talks to each other. Luckily I’ve been playing games and I know myself so I can write down my own words right now before I trawl through some hilarious banter about anime, how to spell the world “colour” and Tuffcub being confused about all the new people like an elderly relative you haven’t seen in a while.

I’ve reviewed Tetris Effect and it’s one of the best things I’ve played this decade let alone this year. I’ve also been playing Red Dead Redemption 2 and trying not to accidentally kill everyone I come across. Besides that there’s been a load of Diablo III: Eternal Collection, Jurassic World Evolution and some Plants Vs Zombies 2 with my son.

Steve replied promptly, so his response was easy to find in a very busy Slack chat, though he’s had another fairly quiet week as term time teaching ramps up. He got the platinum on Lego DC Super-Villains with his son and has now gone back to Ninjago World. He also finished off the Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics campaign “which had a fun final boss but never really got going narratively”. Finally, he started Spider-Man but hasn’t really made any progress story-wise; “just swinging around collecting all the backpacks and photographing all the landmarks”.

Tuffcub has played Destiny 2 solidly since 4am on Thursday morning thanks to jet lag and cleaned up an entire weeks worth of activities in one sitting, which seems little penance for the photos of beautiful Hawaii he’s flaunting. Ade meanwhile played 11-11 Memories Retold for review, which he really enjoyed despite some gameplay issues that hampered the experience. He’s then moved onto something new: “I’m on with Steel Rats for review at the moment, my initial thoughts are that it’s bonkers; proving to be a thematic mash-up of Biker Mice From Mars, black and white film and a robot apocalypse, with gameplay that is 2D shooter meets Trials. It’s also a whole lot of fun!”

Jason got the platinum for Odyssey, so he’s now a little lost. He ended up turning to Legend of Evil, which he’s pretty sure doesn’t actually work past level 5, before jumping into Bulletstorm again as it’s on PS Plus. “It’s so much fun, though parts of the dialogue haven’t aged brilliantly”, he said.

New chap Nick has been mostly playing Blackout in Black Ops 4, although he’s also been dipping his toes back into Fist of the North Star and Overwatch. He’s got the Shapeshifting Detective from the guys at Wales Interactive through the other day too, so will be trying that this weekend.

Thom is also new and has been trying to play Overkill’s The Walking Dead for review, “athough the game really does try it’s hardest to not let me play.” He’s also chugging through Dark Souls on his lunch times at work and trying to get his character to a light level of 600 on Destiny 2; “I’m only 3 levels away currently!”

Aran has been playing more AC Odyssey. “After 35 hours I finally started exploring Athens, killed a few more cultists and raided some forts. I’ve also been playing Transpose for review, which people will be able to read about next week.”

Swanning off to Stockholm for a few days, Tef played far too much Battlefield V within 48 hours to get us on the path to reviewing it. That came after a sporadic exploration of Ingress Prime last weekend, was followed by getting to touch a PlayStation Classic – his thoughts will be live on Monday – and getting his first hit in on Hitman 2.

So, after all that, what have you been playing?

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  1. A lot of RDR2. Still loving every second of it and keep finding new things to amuse myself with or be impressed by.

    And I finally got around to Astrobot as a birthday present to myself. Another essential game for VR people really. Cute little robots and platforming that works in VR for some reason. Still got to rescue all the robots. And find the chameleons. Who thought invisible collectibles was a good idea?? But I’ll find them all and do the challenge levels, which could annoy me.

    Gave a couple of the PS+ games a go. Bulletstorm is as fun as it was on the PS3. And Burly Men at Sea is entertainingly rubbish. It’s 10 minutes long FFS! And the “gameplay” consists of making 3 choices. And now it’s going to sit there and taunt me until I play it 11 more times to get the platinum.

    A sale may have slightly tempted me too, with the wonderful Sky Force Reloaded and Tekken 7. Which is just Tekken really, so they couldn’t really go wrong there. (Except for the “Quick! Knock up something shit so we can claim it supports VR!” mode)

  2. Mostly Red Dead Redemption this week!
    On Chapter 6 and around 65% progress…. as MrYd says so much to explore and to do!

  3. RDR2. I don’t know where I’m at with this game. Liking it, not loving it, can’t stop thinking about it.

  4. Tried the demo. Still Tetris. Should’ve just called it Tetris: Disco Ball Edition. Nice but at $40, not nice enough. Which nutter thought that was a sensible price, anyway? $15 or less and we have a deal.

    • Obviously should’ve been in the Tetris review but it kind of applies here. 😖

  5. It’s been a week of jumping between Red Dead and Odyssey for me.
    Red Dead is a phenomenal achievement and super immersive but honestly sometimes feels a little too much like work. I absolutely love it but I’ve decided I’m going to take my time with it.
    Odyssey is just so much fun, it’s very much a “game” compared to Red Dead’s sim feel.
    I’ve also been getting very strong early AC vibes with the focus on locating targets for assassination which is nice to see after hearing some people claim the series isn’t Assassin-y enough anymore.
    Apparently I’m only half way through that despite playing for 70 hours! Sounds like the new level cap increase was designed specifically for me :)

  6. Mainly RDR2, have been to the northeast part of the map for the first time yesterday and wow, I really get a The Hills Have Eyes there… Won’t say much more, because I don’t want to spoil anything, just that I never really felt safe there. Never!

    Also when RDR just seems to big, I jumped back int GT Sports and started the classic Campaign they added at some point. Still feel too intimidated for the online though…

  7. I tried the Tetris Effect demo. Can confirm that it is indeed Tetris. One of those games i’ve just never warmed to despite trying quite a few versions over the years.

    And Burly Men at Sea, a slight piece of nonsense that was charming initially but the most consequential part of it is the trophies you receive along the way and after two ‘chapters’ i dont feel compelled to play the rest of it.

    Also some Bulletstorm – just good simple fun! :)

    And in news that will surprise nobody, some more No Man’s Sky.

  8. treated myself to a copy of Dark Souls on Switch this week so I’ve basically been playing that every chance I get. Brilliant port of a brilliant game. Went in expecting a hard as nails experience and, while its definitely tricky, its been pretty manageable so far and I finished up the Gargoyles fight last night.

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