Amazon Lists Sunset Overdrive For Release On PC This Week

Microsoft still haven’t announced it, but it feels almost certain that Sunset Overdrive is coming to PC, and coming to PC really very soon. Having been rated for release by South Korea and the US, Amazon have now put it up for pre-order, to be released on 16th November later this week.


One interesting tidbit, and one that adds credence to the entire thing, is that it’s THQ Nordic that are listed as the publisher. On the surface that doesn’t make much sense – can’t Microsoft publish their own PC games? – but there’s history, with THQ having secured PC distribution deals in the past for games like Halo Wars 2 and bringing Microsoft games to Steam.

One question that does come from this is what’s going to happen with the Xbox One version of the game? With the game clearly needing to have some development time in order to get it up and running on PC, and so with the code being under review and presumably being adjusted for things like 4K displays, that would also be high time for someone to tinker with it so that it makes the most of Xbox One X. It’s happily sat there in Xbox Game Pass for anyone and everyone to go and play it, and Microsoft could easily get people more interested in this game again by giving it a push like this.

Source: Amazon

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