Kingdom Two Crowns Rides Out In December With Bonus Shogun Setting

Sequel to our favourite side-scrolling monarchy ’em up, Kingdom Two Crowns now has a release date. It’s coming to PS4, Xbox One (and Game Pass), Switch and PC on December 11th, but that’s not the only announcement that Raw Fury have about the game: it’s also getting new thematic DLC.

Alongside the regular medieval background, Shogun is naturally inspired by feudal Japan, and it will be included with the game for free at launch, with a whole new setting for players to explore and different NPCs and strategies needed to help your budding settlement thrive. More new settings are in the world for the game after launch.

Two Crowns also makes a major change to the game’s progression, as death no longer means the end for your kingdom. Instead an heir may take up the crown and look to rebuild, which is in addition to being able to play couch co-op with all platforms, and online co-op on everything but Switch (though they’re looking into that).

Source: press release

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