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Valve’s Steam Link Box To Be Discontinued

Valve have announced that Steam Link, a set top box that streamed games from a PC to televisions, is to be discontinued. The box was part of a huge push by Valve to get PC games in the living room, alongside SteamOS and Steam Machines, the latter of which died a very quick death.

Valve will continue to support the device but new units will not be produced, the box is already sold out at most retailers. It has been replaced by the SteamLink app which allows gamers to stream Steam games to phones, tablets, and TV.


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  1. How good is the Steam link? Better than RemotePlay with a PS4/Vita?

    • Depends on the PC pushing it, which could enable higher graphics settings, and use newer encoding blocks on more moderns GPUs for higher fidelity. The better equivalent would be to PlayStation TV (the Vita in a box), which was limited to 720p, if I remember correctly, but could also use ethernet to get around the latency and potential flakiness of WiFi.

      Steam Link is old, though. You’ve now got the streaming tech just built into Steam software (so other computers can use it in a household), Android and iOS apps, and there’s something about Samsung TVs letting you stream to them in 4K, if your PC can handle it.

      So, as with all PC to console comparisons, it depends. PS4 to Vita is a fixed set up, but if you’ve got a good gaming PC, Steam Link can easily be better.

      • I intentionally didn’t say PlayStation TV because I had one for two days and sent it back. Even wired (and I tried lots of combinations) it couldn’t compare to my Vita for Remote Play performance.

        So essentially Steam Link works best with a decent spec PC. But then does it work as good as being sat at the PC? I want to stream my gaming and wanted the best solution possible.

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