What We Played #374 – Underworld Ascendant, Destiny 2 & Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu

Black Friday = Destitute Saturday

It’s been a very short week, but I blame that on having travelled back from Las Vegas and losing about twelve hours in the process. I had a great time at the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival, and perhaps there’s little surprise that I’ve returned to playing the game again. I can’t wait for Shadowbringers next year, so now’s the best time to get caught up on what’s been going on! Besides that all the travelling meant that I played some Xenoblade Chronicles 2, as well as some Into The Breach, and Tetris Effect has probably snuck in there somewhere as well.

Nick P has been skirting the start of an investigation after proclaiming that he’s “murdered Sean Bean”. Of course he means he’s been playing Hitman 2, right? In a completely unrelated note, has anyone seen Sean Bean lately?

From one potential criminal to another, Ade is still playing Red Dead Redemption 2, which is easily up there as one of his GOTY, and he finished off Steel Rats for review. Thom has been playing Darksiders 3, Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and lots of Destiny 2, managing to get the coveted raid bow and fusion rifle in a single drop; “RNG Jesus blessed me on that day”.

Nicole managed to wrap up the platinum for the first game in the Spyro Reignited Trilogy “and had a total blast doing so”. She’s also been enjoying ARK’s latest expansion, saying it’s “the first bit of dino DLC content I’ve enjoyed in a worryingly long time”.

Jason has also been playing Pokemon and thinks that “the lack of random battles genuinely improves the game for me”. And it’s no surprise that Jake has also been continued catching ‘em all in Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu!. “I’ve spent my time since catching shiny Pokémon,” he said, “which I’ve been stupidly lucky to find at the most random of times.” Aside from that, he completed 30% of Spyro The Dragon from the Reignited Trilogy in about an hour and a half, “I’m impressed that my muscle memory has allowed me to do this so well!”

Steve has been playing lots of small bits of games for an all-new review clinic feature, some Underworld: Ascendant before realising it was basically unplayable. Putting that to one side, he finally got back into the lovely Spider-Man, “which is spiffing. Well, until the Stan Lee cameo which made me have feelings”.

It’s been a spot of Spidey DLC and some Diablo whilst on a train for Gareth, while Aran has been playing a bit more AC Odyssey; “I was attacked by one of my targets whose existence I was oblivious to until I was hit off my horse. At least that’s another cultist down and another legendary gear piece”.

Jim has now completely sacked off Red Dead Redemption 2. Instead he’s been playing some of the “shockingly under-appreciated” Laser League as well as Until Dawn, which he’s hoping to platinum very soon. “I’ve also spent a fair chunk of time with Battlefield V. It’s fine, I guess, but doesn’t really do anything inventive or exciting which is a shame”.

Tuffcub has played Destiny 2 and “about ten seconds of Spider-Man”. That doesn’t seem like quite enough to count as playing the game, so he gets a D- for effort. Even with Thanksgiving travel to consider and being away from his PS4, Miguel managed to use Remote Play to play some Persona 3/5 Dancing and some Black Ops 4! “I was super surprised by how lag-free the experience was”. He’s also been playing some Gensokyo Defenders for review.

Finally, Tef has played Hitman 2 for review, which is “a great game, especially with the Elusive Targets and Ghost Mode” – another Sean Bean clone bit the dust, I see? He also returned to Shadow of the Tomb Raider for the co-op DLC, had a few quick rounds of Overwatch, and is back to Surviving Mars and Battletech on PC.

Now then, what have you played? And have you spent all your money in the Black Friday sales?

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  1. It’s now been 3 weeks since I even turned my PS4 on. I did buy God of War from Amazon earlier in the week, but it’s not gonna arrive for aaaaages because I picked free p&p. Ordered on 19th Nov and estimated delivery date is 3rd Dec. Absolute joke tbh.

  2. The usual serving of rdr for me.
    Following the release of Hitman 2, i finally finished the first season and sampled a bit of the new one, but haven’t had the chance to play more than the introduction…
    And i played decidedly more of GT Sport than i thought i would, especially online. I join official Sport mode races now on a regular basis, dabbled a bit in custom lobbies and participated in my first Nations Cup race this week, which is quite exhilarating. And im very proud of my “A” sportsmanship rating :)

  3. Plenty of RDR2 again. Still the best game of the generation. And then you finish the story and get to the epilogue, and it’s even better. Now I’m on to epilogue part 2. Hopefully we get the online stuff soon.

    Then I picked up The Crew 2 in a sale. It’s lacking something compared to the original. And the “acting” is possibly the worst thing ever. But it’s got hovercraft and it’s quite fun.

    And then Beat Saber. Yes, it’s only got 16 songs, and 15 of those are short (2 minutes or so). And yes, I punched a wall playing. But it’s stupid amounts of fun. Although my arms don’t think so afterwards. Far too energetic. Only downside is the tracking of the Move controllers frequently goes a bit weird. Usually the left hand.

    Speaking of which, who thought the red saber being on the left was a good plan? Given that PSVR games tend to have 1 move controller red (the right hand) and one pink (the left). Not an official Sony standard, I guess, but everyone seems to do it.

    • Tantalising and spoiler free words about the epilogue there MrYd! I’m on chapter 4, enjoying myself thoroughly. It’s definitely the game of the generation for me too.

    • The two epilogue chapters are great. I had much more fun playing those than the first six.

  4. The Forest, survived 6 days initially, now on day 11. Haven’t strayed too far from my original base yet but there’s a pair of monstrous thingies hanging around now so i’ll have to move on. Went into the game fairly blind and am gaining an apprehensive appreciation for what the game entails.

    And also enjoying the latest NMS enhancements.

  5. Mostly Destiny 2 and some RDR2. Managed to obtain Luna’s Howl which was a real grind and a real challenge as a solo player. Then 2 days later I obtained Redrix’s Broadsword which was equally grindy but less challenging.

  6. Finished RDR2. My overall feeling is that it’s not bad. I do feel like it could’ve started halfway through chapter 3 and I’d have missed absolutely nothing.

    Never really cared about Arthur, Dutch is nothing but a twat all game long and I can barely remember the rest of them, the only two leaving an impression being Charles and Sadie.

    The two epilogue chapters were easily the best two in the game. Marston charismatic and his useless sidekick hilarious.

    I’ll try online when it surfaces, hopefully I’ll like it otherwise I probably won’t return to RDR2.

    It just makes me want to play a remastered RDR more.

    I don’t feel let down at all. It’s a technical marvel, breathtakingly beautiful has incredibly layered gameplay deserving of its critical acclaim. I suppose it’s just not the game I expected it to be.

    Fallout 76. I haven’t encountered anything game breaking and have suffered only minimal slowdown.

    It can be a bit boring playing alone and I’m currently finding I’m getting dehydrated and hungry way too quickly but I’m sure perks will fix that.

    I, like most people, would’ve preferred a new single player epic but on the whole I’m enjoying my time back in the wasteland.

    I’m not sure what’s going in the industry but the response this game is getting is undeserved. So far I’d offer up something along the lines of a 6. It’s got problems but it’s not the boring, broken, buggy mess that it’s so often been tarred.

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