Obisidian Teasing A Game Reveal At The Game Awards

Obisidian Entertainment, who were recently bought by Microsoft, are teasing a new game reveal at The Game Awards next week. Four images are popping up on the Obisdian website, two which reference “Spacer’s Choice” and two from “Auntie Cleo’s”.

The pictures show a gun, medicinal supplies and bread, with the design evoking the early 1900’s. However, space guns aren’t from that period so there’s some sort of Fallout/Bioshock alternate reality thing going on.

Whatever the game is, you can be sure it won’t be on PlayStation 4.

Source: Obsidian

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  1. It will be on PS4, the Microsoft deal was for all future games and not games already in development. Apparently this game is being published by Take-Two.

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