What We Played #375 – Beat Saber, Persona 5 Dancing In Starlight, & Pokémon Let’s Go

Oh God! It’s nearly Christmas isn’t it? Well, Amazon would have you think that anyway, scaring you into spending all of your money on their ‘sales’. Mind you, it still had me eyeing up the 4K OLED TVs and wondering in what way I could justify it to my wife. The simple answer is that there was no way. Of course the January sales might be a different story…

This week I’ve been playing Just Cause 4, Conduct Together!, and Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIV. I can feel a play through of Kingdoms of Amalur might be on the cards as well now that it’s backwards compatible, just in case I wasn’t playing enough stuff already.

At this point, I hand over to my willing assistant, Tuffcub. 

We seem to be gaining writers at a ridiculous rate over the past few weeks so we’ve got a lot to get through, starting with Nic who has been shaking it in Persona 5 Dancing in Starlight, dropping blocks in Tetris Effect and a hammering away at Pokémon Go. Thomas has also been tickling Pickahu’s in Pokémon Let’s Go alongisde Darksiders 3, Abzû , and “grinded a bunch of Destiny stuff. I finally managed to pick up the Sleeper Simulant which is a RIDICULOUSLY powerful weapon!”

Jim is absolutely loving Beat Saber, “It fills that Guitar Hero shaped hole in gaming lineup and is quite the workout too when it gets its hooks in,” he says. He’s also playing Until Dawn (again) and a load of downloadable games including Crossing Souls, Sword of Ditto, and Brawlout.

Jason is up next and has changed his opinion in regards to his gaming prowess. “I’ve been playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout some more, I’m not good, I thought I was okay, I was wrong.” Oh dear. He’s also been playing Digimon Cyber Sleuth: Hacker’s Memory “Which is so good, I love the overly complicated systems and it’s a great RPG,” and another game he saw today but can’t talk about it.

Ade has been playing some Red Dead Online which he rates as “alright”. He’s also played Floor Kids for review – spoiler: it’s great – and started Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, he has a big problem with the game. “What the hell is wrong with Alexios’ arse?! Not to sound too much like a perv but it’s hard to miss his butt whilst swimming underwater. It looks like it’s made of mahogany and consists of two polygons. Clearly little time was spent on bum design.”

Aran is here to save this feature from becoming War and Peace and has played “More AC Odyssey. That’s it”, while Nick has been dancing in Persona 5 Dancing in Starlight, strategizing in Civilisation 6 on Switch, murdering in Hitman 2, and more Blackout.

Next up is all round super hero, sex god and stud muffin, Tuffcub. All of that is true and it has nothing to do with the fact that Dom, who started writing this feature, left it unfinished meaning TC has had to pick up the slack.

“I have played Destiny 2 because.. because it’s easy,” stated the awesome bear. “No other reason, I can get home, turn my brain off, and shoot things. I also played a little more of Spider-Man, which is mightily impressive but has too many button combinations in combat for my tired brain to learn. I also tried Roundabout, which is part of Novembers PS+ games, and deleted it after five minutes.”

Gareth has let the team down, managing only to play Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee on the train, whilst Nicole has been playing ARK’s Extinction DLC and Abzû on Nintendo Switch, which she describes as “a perfect port that shows off all the games brilliance a second time over!”

Leading us in to the home straight is Miguel, another TSA writer who has been getting on down in Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night, and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and finally we come to Steve who has been slinging webs in Spider-Man, which he has almost completed, and also “put a couple of hours into the beautiful Iris Fall.”

We presume that’s a game and not Steve’s lady friend.

Now then, what have you played? Any of those Black Friday bargains? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Still waiting for God of War to arrive from Amazon. I get they want you to buy a Prime subscription, but 12 days (and counting) is just taking the piss!

    • That’s ridiculous. I work for a little known brown shipping company and going the cheapest route from Florida to Alaska will have it there in less time.

  2. Well, I finished RDR2 single player. I say “finished”, but it’s only at 70something percent. So there’s more things to do.

    But with those last 2 epilogue parts it’s definitely earned it’s title as “game of the generation”. Also, it wins awards for “longest end credits” (about 30 minutes) and “most little extra scenes during the credits” (about 27 more than your average Marvel film).

    Of course, now there’s the online stuff. Which is wonderful chaos. Although matchmaking is very quick but needs some work to match you with better suited opponents. Not people with vastly more powerful weapons.

    Managed to win a horse race though.

    Apart from that, some more Firewall (obviously), and Beat Saber (no injuries this week). And even a bit of Bridge Crew with some new people. (Fun being captain and guiding them through the main story missions)

    And then Far Cry 5 (because it was cheap). It’s pretty much the same as previous Far Crys, which is no bad thing. Got all the DLC with it too, so that might take me a while. All of Far Cry 3 to play too.

  3. Same as MrYd I finished RDR2 singleplayer this week with 84% completion and played Online on Tuesday which was mad fun! Will play more tomorrow and Sunday night.
    Bought Darksiders III Apocalypse Edition and absolutely loving the 4 figurines along with Poster scroll, steelbook, artbook etc… that box was huge!!!! Biggest game collection I’ve ever bought! Will play Darksiders around Xmas as I wish to focus on RDR2 online and maybe pick up Battlefield in either few weeks or when I’ve reached Rank 25 on RDR2 lol I’m missing good multiplayer sesh! Just need something to jump on after work for a short time due to long working hours 5 days a week!
    Tonight is Firewall with B_Cambo getting close to 500 headshots and just got the 200 revive pistol last week. I think I’m Rank 46 on Firewall so getting close to reaching 50 probs be around Xmas.

    • Firewall ranks have been broken for a month or so. Mine says 47 now, or 46 at the end of a match, when it’s probably around 40 or so really. Saw someone the other day who somehow had an alleged rank of 111.

      All I know is it’s 500,000 XP for level 38, and 1,000,000 for level 50.

      • I have had that experience it’s not broken it’s just one behind. If my screen says 46 and no white progressing bar, but still get the EXP then I am Rank 45, it’s a weird glitch that, hopefully it’ll get sorted ASAP!

      • Yes, you still get the XP, and you’ll eventually catch up. It can just randomly add a level, and the XP you need to earn before the progress bar starts moving again just keeps on going up.

        I think it says I’m about 6 or 7 levels ahead of what I really am.

        At least it doesn’t randomly drop you back to level 1 as it did the first couple of weeks. And you can buy equipment based on what level it thinks you are, not what you really are, which helps.

  4. I’ve just had time to play NMS this week, new update and new community event. I think this update is my favourite so far because it has added some extra sci-fi strangeness to the NMS universe, including more new planet types, additional dangerous flora types and new anomolous creatures, for example one new creature type are rocks that sprout legs and run away when you attempt to mine them. And HG just showed one example of what to expect, leaving the rest for us to discover for ourselves!

  5. Played a bit more Pokémon Let’s Go on Switch this week (what else) and thoroughly enjoying it though the forced motion controls in docked mode is basically…shit.

    Diablo 3 arrived on Wednesday and I’m hooked, I’m absolutely loving it on switch and a perfect fit for it.

    Also picked up Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Velocity 2X on switch after realising I could earn gold points for registering my game carts! Xenoblade is absolutely brilliant and fills that JRPG void in my life following Persona 5, and Velocity is so slick though do not play it after a few beers…haha

    So a very switch centric week for me! This weekend I think I’m gonna jump back into AC for a bit and do the weeklys then back to switch!

  6. Loads more Red Dead, on chapter 4 but still loving every moment, it’s such a beautifully crafted game. I tried a bit of online but every ten minutes or so I fell through the floor and flailed into the under-sky before the game crashed. The intro worked fine and so do the competitive modes, it’s just free roam, anyone else suffered this?

  7. I got myself the latest Tomb Raider and a third controller on Black Friday, which were both about 40% off. Now I can finally play Rayman together with the kids, which is fun. Not sure what to do with the Playstation cap they added as a gift.

  8. Played both persona dancing demos. Had a BLAST!. Still not paying full whack for either.

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