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Bigfoot DLC Stomps Into Two Point Hospital Today

But will he get a case of the Cold Shoulder?

A new wave of sickness has come knocking on Two Point Hospital’s door in time for the holidays, with the surprise announcement and immediate release of the game’s first DLC. Bigfoot, a celebri-yeti named Bartholomew F. Yeti, has demanded the hospitals of Two Point County act to cure all these new and oddly festive ailments.

The DLC adds three new hospitals in the Pointy Mountains region – at Underlook Hotel, the Swelbard Research institute and Roquefort Castle – with three new treatment rooms to help tackle 34 new regional illnesses, an array of wintry new items to decorate your hospital with, and challenges handed down from the big hairy yeti himself.

The Bigfoot DLC is available today for £6.99.

Source: press release


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