The Fallout Creator’s New Game Looks Like A Good Fallout Game

While Bethesda and Fallout 76 seem to have fallen into some sort of wormhole of horror, the original Fallout creators and the developers of Fallout: New Vegas have seen an opportunity to jump into the Fallout single player-shaped hole in gamer’s lives. Their new game, The Outer Worlds, certainly has some Fallout flavour to it, with a nice spot of social commentary and some humour on display in the action packed announcement trailer.

Developed by Obsidian and Private Division, for those with a hankering for offline sci-fi first person RPGing, then this could well be just what you need.

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  1. So i was ready to comment this possibly being the first xbox exclusive in a long time i really would like to have on ps4, obsidian being bought by microsoft and all that, and then i spot the ps4 logo at the end? Im fine with that!

    • Nice, I’d have missed that if you hadn’t pointed it out. The trailer looks pretty good so now I can get a wee bit excited.

  2. Guess it could go straight to GamePass being Obsidian… which would be nice!

  3. This will be a day one game. Looking really good so far and Fallout New Vegas was always my favourite in the series.

  4. I don’t like the trailer at all but the pedigree behind it demands my continued interest.

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