What We Played #376 – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Just Cause 4 & Beat Saber


Who’s tired? Probably every UK games journalist that stayed up through the interminable Game Awards so that you didn’t have to, that’s who. There were some things worth staying awake to see – who could have known that Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 would be a thing? And a Switch exclusive?! And Mortal Kombat 11 is surely going to be amazing and is coming to Switch as well! Brilliant stuff. But it felt like too much selling, and not enough awarding. Maybe things will get better next year, and maybe Geoff will find his socks. We’ll stay up late again and let you know!

I’ve been playing loads of Just Cause 4, some Override: Mech City Brawl, and I dived into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate during the Games Awards last night which helped with the loooooonnngg show.

Jason gets us underway, having played Earth Defense Force 5 – EDF! EDF! – and says that it is “a game”. He’s also played Just Cause 4, which he reckons could just do away with story missions, but his main thing this week was reviewing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate which is “simply the best game”.

Steve grabbed the platinum for Lego Ninjago and Spyro 2 before putting some time into The Shapeshifting Detective, Phantom Halls and Tanglewood for the next Game Clinic. He came round to visit me this week, where we had fun with Tetris Effect, Mario Kart, SoulCalibur and VR Playroom, and in an unrelated incident had “a relaxing evening in bed with Three Burly Men (At Sea).” Speaking of which, Tuffcub’s been playing Destiny 2 (of course), and a little bit more of Spider-Man and some more time into Neverout to finish off his review.

Heading underwater, Rebecca’s played more Subnautica, even even though she finished her review. “I can’t stop diving into the mysterious murky waters of planet 4546B,” she said. Alongside that it’s been Bendy and the Ink Machine on Switch, “which was a delightfully dark adventure game.”

Aran’s a heartless bastard, but only on this current playthrough of Banner Saga 2. The rest of the time he’s lovely, and playing AC Odyssey. He’s been joined in Greece by Ade, who’s finding the “romance” in the game a bit creepy and isn’t so sure of the big battles. Outside of that, it’s been Overcooked, Fallout 2, and he too visited for a spot of Tetris Effect in VR, which he says “blew my mind.”

Jim finally crossed the Until Dawn platinum off his list, and enjoyed going back to murder/save all the characters. He also loved exploring a dark house in Gone Home, and play a ton of Beat Saber. Speaking of homes, Nic’s been moving house and been on holiday, so he’s just been playing Pokémon Go. Lots and lots of Pokémon Go.

Nick P’s been dressing up space ninjas in Warframe, winning more games in COD’s Blackout mode and going head-to-head against other assassins in Hitman 2’s Ghost Mode. Also, his lovely wife bought him Red Dead Redemption 2 for his birthday so he’s a very happy chap.

Nicole dropped in after a week of bashing her head against a Kingdom Hearts shaped wall, “After a long-winded break taken out of frustration, I’ve returned to Kingdom Hearts, kicking the ass of many a heartless and revelling in that nostalgic Disney vibe the series is renowned for.” Finally Miguel played Rival Megagun, “which is a pretty cool competitive shmup”. He also played Earth Defense Force 5, “which is just silly mindless explosive fun”.

Finally, Tef has been playing Just Cause 4, mainly to dig into the game’s performance on PS4, got to try out the wonderfully recursive A Fisherman’s Friend in VR, where he also reviewed Arca’s Path, and dipped a toe into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Now, what have you played?

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  1. RDR2, Far Cry 5, some of the PS+ games, and now I’ve just realised how hard it is to type on a phone in the cold outside Wembley Arena. So yeah, not a long list of things this week.

  2. My usual serving of RDR 2 and GT Sport of course…
    But i also got the Platinum in VA-11 Hall-A (Plat #92), played a bit of Hitman 2 where i sniped Sean Bean, played a few hours of Slime rancher and an hour or so of Subnautica which looks really promising.
    And last but not least i spent a few hours in Onrush which is really fun, especially with friends! I still think the original asking price was far too much, but as a PS+ freebie, im really happy with it

  3. Some more Red Dead Online, plenty more crashing but I’ve bagged the 3x MVP trophy while it’s easy to win horse races. Top tips, start slow, pick up weapons and stamina boosts, kick your way past your opponents while they try to kill each other and revel in the complete absence of rubber banding!

    • I got that trophy from horse races too. I went for getting ahead early and away from the chaos though. Or on the ones where you have to hit the signal fires in any order, be different. Everyone goes one way, so you go the other. A less efficient route is better than falling off a horse several times.

      • Admittedly dubiously I tried getting out in front today, won 3 of 4 races. Maybe everyone else is crap, or maybe we’re just talented horsey racists? Either way, I’m enjoying winning at something!

  4. God of War arrived! Only managed to play an hour or so, but it seems good! Certainly better than the last few games I’ve tried to get into.

  5. RDR2 online this week. Reached Rank 20
    Tonight is the usual Firewall sesh with B_Cambo
    Also helping out a member of TSA to nab a trophy for Burnout Paradise at 9pm tonight.

  6. Finished Shadow of the Tomb Raider and came away really impressed.

    Dabbled a little in Onrush and I like it. I certainly wouldn’t have been disappointed if I’d bought it.

    Meanwhile I’m debating if to get stuck into DQXI or go for something a little less consuming.

    • Good to hear about TR. Just got it in a sale and hope I find the time to play it very soon.

      • I did too. Nabbed it for $30 and it was definitely worth that although I’ve liked every one of the past 3 TR games and even the recent movie is decent.

        For me it’s right up there with Spiderman as a really solid action adventure of recent past.
        Better gameplay/weaker story, in my opinion.

        10-15 hours story alone. 20-25 if you go for collectibles and side quests.

  7. Played some GTA5, some Rayman Legends, some Child of Light, and made it through most of boring TGA. But I was most impressed this week when I started watching season 2 of Westworld. This is finally a western done right.

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