Here’s Some New Beyond Good and Evil 2 Gameplay

I’ve lost track of exactly how long we’ve been waiting for Beyond Good and Evil 2 and judging by past comments from Ubisoft it’s going to be a while before you get to play it, but we do have a new video.

The gameplay comes from the Space Monkeys stream and shows augments, ship-to-ship combat, combat skills, and co-op gameplay. I have to admit it doesn’t look particularly groundbreaking, but the game is still in alpha.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 will be launching on god knows what at god knows when, although the money is on this being on a next gen title.
Source: YouTube

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  1. This is so ambitious!
    It’s either gonna be a landmark in gaming or a big flop.

  2. Lot’s of potential to be amazing but such a different tone to the original game.

  3. Looks ambitious but nothing like Beyond Good and Evil. Such a letdown.

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