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What We Played #377 – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, GRIS & AC Odyssey

Like an unstoppable pile of wrapping paper with Sandra Bullock at the controls, Christmas is coming, faster than ever before. I’ve finished all of my shopping, apart from the tiny issue of finding a surprise present for my wife.

The fact that there’s only eleven days left to find the perfect present for her hasn’t yet become a waking terror, but if I give it until Monday I think the twitchiness will have set in. She’s given me plenty of hints though, so unless I’m a complete imbecile I’ll pick one of those, right? There’s the distinct chance that I’m a complete imbecile, and have mostly forgotten about said hints. Wish me luck!

When I haven’t been Christmas present shopping I’ve been playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Gear Club Unlimited 2, Final Fantasy XIII, Mech City: Override, and the Sega Mega Drive Collection. It’s kept me busy.

Gareth has been playing Townsmen and Shadows Awakening for review, and some Smash Bros. for fun, while Aran has been on “the exciting game of marketing revision. Marketing theories face off against one another in this battle, but all must overcome the theorist known as Michael Porter who seems to have ideas about everything. How’s the BCG Matrix supposed to compete against his power?” Besides that he’s found time for Banner Saga 2 and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, which sound much more fun, as well as Gungrave VR and The Videokid for review.

Jason fired a long list at me that included Smash Bros, EDF 5, Battle Princess Madelyn, Katamari Damacy Reroll, Party Hard, Gris, Monster Boy, and Below. This is either too many things, or perhaps Jason isn’t actually a human being at all, but a robot sent from the future to enforce his new world order on the gaming industry. That 10/10 for Smash Bros. reeks of tampering with the past to save the future.

Ade has been playing as much Overcooked as he possibly can. “Rinsed through the first game and now I’m on with the sequel – which is even better now that much hilarity can be had throwing food at my fellow chefs.” He’s also rinsed AC Odyssey to get a Playing with History out of it, with the bonus that it’s actually rather good.

Nicole has played Ark: Survival Evolved on Switch, calling it “a port full of untapped potential”, continued to explore a daunting underwater world in Subnautica and tamed herself a Lynx that lasted a whole 15 minutes in AC Odyssey.

Steve played at being a proper grown up academic by giving a lecture on Twelfth Night, and endured the apocalyptic pleasures of the pseudo-interactive game of parliamentary democracy crashing and burning. “Polished off the lovely but short Tsioque, the slightly disappointing Shapeshifting Detective, had a blast with the slight but fun Cat Quest and sank my teeth into Vampyr. The latter is janky and slightly broken as a game but is interestingly scripted and plotted, and has buckets of atmosphere. Plus loads of cool blood imagery for a sanguinary specialist like me.”

Miguel slammed through all three games in the Atelier Arland Deluxe Trilogy on Switch, and then played some Katamari Damacy Rerolled, before also playing “a SHIT ton of Smash Bros Ultimate”. Sounds messy. Nic B got into more VR with Astro Bot Rescue Mission while Tuffcub played Destiny 2, along with “Painting my Spare room (Currently chasing the Platinum trophy “Finish the sodding thing”), and Bubble Bobble.”

Finally Tef dropped a few hours in Battlefield V’s final single player campaign and Tides of War, was a bit indifferent to PUBG on PS4, enthralled by the relatively hardcore Insurgency: Sandstorm, beguiled by GRIS,  and visited Supermassive to play their latest branching narrative adventure, Shattered State.

Now then, what have you played?

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  1. Unlike last week, I’m not trying to type this outside Wembley Arena with frozen hands. (It was worth it though)


    Plenty of Horsey Horsey Bang Bang (we might as well all call it that now).

    And finished off Far Cry 5. Still got a bunch of trophies to get. And finish off the DLC. Which includes Far Cry 3, so that’ll take a while.

    In an attempt to clear some backlog, I did a bit more of Onrush, which is just annoying now. First half of the single player stuff is just pointlessly non-challenging (hold R2 and then press X to win). Then it just involves luck mostly with one of those annoying progression systems (do random things to unlock later events because just winning would be too easy).

    But I did finish off Bulletstorm from the previous month of PS+. Or was it the month before? Too many games. But somehow I’ve only got 1/3 of the trophies. Not giving up on those until I get at least half of them. Or christmas happens and I need the space for new games. When is that anyway? Is it soon? ;)

  2. Very same ‘tiny issue’ here, you have my sympathy. Hope we can figure this one out…!

    Am still trying hard to finish off GTA5 finally, before I’ll be in the Alps and away from my consoles for about two weeks. But, as soon as I start it up, I just enjoy myself exploring and racing, and doing all sorts, being sidetracked from the storyline. Oh, and when I really want to continue the story, there’s no mission around. The game doesn’t really make it easy to ‘finish’ it.

  3. After an enjoyable few months grinding I’m level 97 on gtav, hopefully get to 100 this weekend ;)
    Gonna try to get the plat but some trophies are proving tough as not enough players are playing some of the game-modes.
    Oh, and I’ve found it impossible to log into tsa on the ps4 due to the crap browser thingy

  4. Started Dragon Quest XI and I’m loving everything about it so far.

    With many modern games always trying to do something different the traditional RPG style is really appealing to me, from the turn based battling to the beautiful yet simplistic graphics and the sound design too, it’s fantastic.

    In other news I played a little of the R6 Siege update and reached level 50 3 years to the day after my very first trophy. Pretty proud.

  5. Dom, you have my sympathies. I got the hints from my wife, wrote them in an iPhone note (unheard of flash of brilliance), had issues with my phone and took it to an Apple store where they helped me wipe it, bet you can’t guess what the one fucking thing it didn’t back up was? Wife is getting what she always gets, some clothes, some Lego from the kids and receipts for the clothes.
    No games this week, though I’m desperate to get back on Rico and plough back into the story. My horse in RDR2 is called Rico by the way :)

  6. Finally completed AC Odyssey… 76 hours :O and a new shiny platinum. I really enjoyed it but the game was just too big to have any lasting or meaningful impact. I will have forgotten everything about the plot in a few weeks, for sure. That’s the thing about these new AC games, they’re great distractions in the moment but completely unremarkable.

    Still, I really liked Alexios – definitely one of the better AC protagonists in recent years. But the world map is too big, the side-stuff too much and the main plot too diluted as a result. If this had been a classic AC game with a tighter, more focused narrative, Alexios would be up there with Ezio imo.

    Kassandra on the other hand just didn’t work for me. A women acting like a man does not a strong female character make. Although I think the real problem is that the game could be played as either sex – like the only difference between male and female is appearance and tone of voice. Characterisation would have been much better (and believable) if they had chosen one sex.

    Also started Darksiders 3… played 5-10 minutes, reached the first boss, died and went right back to the start of the game (no checkpoints) minus all the souls I’d collected. I’m all for a challenge but a game should at least try to pull you in before it punches you in the face. Is it worth persevering? I honestly don’t know.

    I could try again but I’m not sure why I died so the chances of it happening again (and again, and again) are pretty high – until I finally figure out what I’m supposed to be doing or I find a guide online. Poor game design imo.

  7. A lot of Smash Bros for me this week. Local multiplayer has been a blast but the online performance has been wank thus far and the single player World of Light mode, while fun at first, is getting a little boring.
    I dunno, I might put it towards Resi2 in the new year.

    Other than that, critics be damned, I’ve been really enjoying my PS Classic. Metal Gear Solid has been my main focus this week, most notably the VR missions.

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