My PS4 Life Videos Used To Work Out Player Base


If you have been on social media recently you will have seen the ‘My PS4 Life’ videos, a little gimmick from Sony that creates a video showing how much of your life you have wasted on Destiny (1021 hrs  – jeebus).

You can see mine below, and if anyone can tell me what the hell “Spider” is then please do so, I have no idea what that game is or what the trophy is for.

A clever chap/chapess by the handle Gamstat has used the number of players who own the rare trophy shown in the videos, multiplied it by the rarity of the trophy, which is shown on the PSN, to work out how many people have played the game in question.

Looking at the numbers they seem roughly what we would expect, a couple of days ago we heard that Detroit: Become Human had shifted 2 million copies and Gamestat has the title at 2.4 million players. People will have traded in the game or loaned it to their friends, so the player count should be higher than sales.

You can view all the stats here but just to pick a few out, Fallout 76 has 407,000 players, but dark indie title Little Nightmares is thrashing it with 589,000 players. Mirror’s Edge catalyst has 1.1m players worldwide, so must have sold less than a million, as did Prey.

Poor old Yakuza 6 has just 182,000 players across the globe. Obviously take the stats with a pinch of salt, but they should be roughly correct.

Source: Gamestat via Eurogamer

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  1. Spider was the name of the trophy – Blue Rider was the game and no, i still don’t know what exactly it was.

    Here’s mine ..

  2. My rarest was the Platinum for Electronauts (entertaining VR music thing). 34 people. And 1.1%

    That means only 3090.9 people bought it. Could be up to 147 more, due to that rarity percentage only being to 1 decimal place.

    At 1.1%, the error is 4.5%. Anything rarer than 1% is going to be silly, at 50%.

    For a 5% rarity, it’s less than 1% error. Or half a million people for GTA V.

    It’s a cunning thing they’ve done there (I’d already worked out the number for Electronauts as soon as my video told me there were only 34 people), and surprisingly accurate. Unless less than 1% have the trophy.

  3. Heres the Game you’re looking for:

    • He evidently didn’t particularly enjoy it.

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