Fallout 76 Atoms Are 250% More Expensive On PS4 Via Amazon UK And It’s Not A Mistake

Well this is odd. I was doing a little bit of research regarding the last Fallout 76 story and noticed something on Amazon UK. For some reason the price of Atoms, the Fallout 76 in-game currency, has been jacked up to more than double the price, but only on PlayStation 4.

As you can see the Xbox One code is £7.99, which is the same price as GAME, but the PS4 code is £19.99.

Eighty quid? Jeebus. That makes the PS4 code over 250% more expensive that the Xbox code. GAME are selling 4,000 Atoms at £32.99 for both consoles, as are Smyth’s Toys and other retailers.

There doesn’t seem to be any reason why Amazon had hiked the price up, but if you do play on PS4 I suggest you shop somewhere else for your Atoms.

We’re going to try and get hold of Amazon UK and ask then what’s going on.

Update: After reaching out to Amazon customer support to see if this was a simple mistake, the representative told us:

I’ve checked and there isn’t any error on pricing.
Please be informed, the price is based on the agreements with the content owners. We are unable to provide any comment on that. However, I’ve passed your message as feedback to the Amazon Games & Software Downloads team.

So that seems to suggest that Bethesda are behind this? That surely can’t be true when their competitors are at the standard price, and the fact that there is a direct and standard price for Atoms as a microtransaction currency.

Hopefully Amazon get their stuff together soon.

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  1. It’s a stock reply, he probably checked and saw the price on the site corresponded with the price given by the partner, so no error (on the part of Amazon at least)

    Probably a snafu on the part of Bethesda’s distribution partner.

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