Spider-Man Gets The 2002 Movie Costume People Were So Angry About Not Having

Ooooh, people got so mad at Insomniac Games for not putting their oft requested 2002 Spider-Man film costume into the latest Spider-Man game. It led to quite the spat on Twitter when Insomniac got just a little bit too sassy when responding to people about it.

As a reminder:


But it’s OK, because it turns out that Insomniac were just waiting for the right time, so it could be a nice surprise for fans of the kind-of-bad-if-you-actually-think-about-them-now Sam Raimi films. See? There was a reason why Insomniac were being so coy.

Spider-Man’s third and final DLC in its City That Never Sleeps season pass it out tomorrow on 21st December.

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  1. Great news!!

  2. Woo! Viva la revolucion!

    Does that mean if people keep asking for a playable/free-roaming Peter Parker, they’ll do it? Keep at it my eternally-enraged-twitteriti.

    Raimi’s films (1 & 2 at least) are the only Spider-man films worth watching more than once. So much style, the newer films feel soulless and bland by comparison.

    Although, I do think Tom Holland is the best Peter Parker and he’s great as Spidey in Civil War and Infinity War. Homecoming was a huge snooze fest though.

    • So I played the final episode of the dlc today and there’s a mission where you actually get to play as Peter Parker in the city. You’re limited to walking intitially but you can use you’re abilities so long as no one can see you ie wall climbing/running, swinging, web shooting etc. It’s great and the kids were ecstatic.

      Downside is, you’re restricted to exploring just a few blocks – I honestly don’t understand why they didn’t make this a feature in the main game. Being able to switch between Peter Parker and Spider-man would have made the game so much better.

      I went to see Spider-man: Into the Spiderverse this weekend – it’s amazing! Best Spider-man movie hands down – and best animated feature in years. I didn’t realise Spider-man ever had a Spider-cave but what a great idea. I hope they have a Spider-cave in the next game.

      Really disappointed that they didn’t feature Liberty island at all in the main game or the dlc. Maybe they’re saving it for the inevitable sequel but it still felt like a strange omission. One of the most famous landmarks in NYC and it isn’t featured at all. Such a shame. Also hoped they would set one of the chapters in Winter with a snow covered New York. Bit of a missed opportunity.

      It feels like Insomniac had to hold back a lot on this game, like it could have been taken to another level but they were restrained from doing certain things because they were saving them for the next game. Hopefully the next game will break the shackles and really go all in. Still a great game tho.

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