What We Played #379 Let’s Go! Pikachu, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate & Astro Bot Rescue Mission

While the weather outside is weather, and you’ve watched too many superhero movies dressed in pleather – rhyming is fun – there’s every chance that you’ve received some gaming related presents over the last week. In our house the most popular present has been Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu, and the co-op mode is great for playing with your younger children. Our littlest boy is too little though, but he’s more than happy to play with an unpowered Joy-con and ‘throw’ the Pokeball with the rest of us when catching Pokemon. It’s not only cute, it’s the first time he’s ever been tricked by a controller that doesn’t work so… that’s a parenting win, right?

Jason was the first to give us his festive deets, and he’s been playing Smash Bros. “because it’s the best game this year”, though we’ll all argue with him till New Years and then he can’t be right anymore. He’s also been playing Nippon Marathon “which is a very strange, very fun game”, as well as Ashen, “which is good, but is so derivative it borders on the absurd”. Besides that he’s also enjoyed finishing off Digimon Cyber Sleuth: Hacker’s Memory.

Miguel has spent the week plowing through Spider-man on PS4. He also played Gitaroo Man for the first time and he “LOVED it. It’s a weird, silly, 2 hour rhythm game. 100% my kinda thing”. He also played some Smash Bros with friends, some Overcooked 2 with his girlfriend, and some Black Ops 4 with “the paaallss” who we must assume are different from mere friends – or they drink too much Bud.

Aran got a Switch for Christmas – woohoo! – so he’s been playing Mario Kart 8 and Gris. “Trying to fully complete MK8. Gris is a very nice looking game and quite fun. Only started it so we’ll see where it leads”. He’s also been playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider, “just mainly going through the story and only really doing side content if it pops up in my path. Haven’t properly explored the hubs. Decent though”.

Nic B has played “A whole tonne of VR. Finished Astro and Tetris. Then my PS4 broke so I’ve ordered a new one.” It seems like there’s a moral to this story… is it that we should all buy new consoles? Yes, that’s the one. Ade meanwhile has only had time in his life for Overcooked 2 multiplayer and he’s “almost got the platinum baby! Just have to catch another couple of hundred thrown chunks of food and put a lot of food in the bin”.

Both Nick and Jake have also been on the Nintendo hype train as well, with some festive Pokemon and Smash to boot. Everything’s coming up Nintendo!

Finally, Steve has been hitting the Vita hard whilst the family have been monopolising the TV. “Got the platinum on the lovely Tearaway and played a whole chunk of Gravity Rush. Enjoying Scintillatron 4064 more than I thought I would – Geometry Wars mixed with the rules of English pool. Also got a few hours on Titanfall 2 which is a surprisingly excellent FPS. Finally I picked up some replacement RAM so hopefully will have a functioning PC again”

So then, what is it you’ve played?

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  1. Various things in an attempt to clear that backlog (the one christmas just came and took a massive shit on).

    Bits of RDR2 and plenty of Firewall. Which has gained a lot of new players lately. Certainly keeps things interesting when you’ve got new people on your team. You have to adjust your tactics and proximity mines have made a big reappearance. Which means trying to avoid the new people being too close to you and setting them off while you’re running around with the ghost skill and not being bothered by them.

    And because christmas, a couple of new things.

    Spider-Man is kind of fun. Looks nice, swinging around the city is stupidly entertaining, and the combat is decent enough, even if the camera gets a bit wonky. But there’s too much stuff plastered all over the map to distract you from the story. And he needs to shut up. Not quite as good as people have said, but a decent enough game.

    And Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. So far, it’s an improvement on Oranges. Still has some of the same flaws. The difficulty is still broken. Either stand no chance, or level up a bit to the recommended level and then face no challenge. But Alexios is a huge improvement over Bayek. And not an unpleasant thing to be looking at for dozens of hours. And you can climb on cocks. Which is something Alexios appears not to have, only little white pants. Not that I was looking, honest.

    It does appear to have more bugs than any previous game though. The whole thing ground to a halt and died, eventually giving the 34878 error 5 minutes later. During the opening battle. And the same thing happened again later.

    Also, as it vaguely counts as a game, I watched the interactive Black Mirror episode, Bandersnatch, on Netflix. An interesting experiment. The branching choices are handled perfectly, completely seamless. And Charlie Brooker obviously knows how the format works, and the limitations of it and kind of plays with that. It may appeal more to people in their 40s who grew up with Spectrums and C64s and the games back then (they might even remember the word Bandersnatch from back then). Or fans of Philip K Dick (there’s a reference to Ubik in there). If you don’t like Black Mirror, it’s not going to convince you. If you do, you’ve probably tried it already. If you’ve no opinion, give it a go. You might be pleasantly surprised. Or confused. Possibly both.

  2. Been rinsing the Switch my son got for xmas. Mario Kart, Mario Odyssey, Zelda, etc.. I’m finally excited about video games again! Thank you Nintendo.

  3. For me I got a new PS4 Steering wheel from my wife for Christmas so I have been playing Driveclub VR, Gran Turismo VR and Crew 2 with it.
    I got Shadow of The Tomb Raider, Battlefield V also so far only played Tomb Raider which has been excellent really enjoyed the level with the Tsunami and Young Lara.
    I also used some of my PSN voucher’s which I brought Detached VR still getting used to it but first game which has ever churned my stomach and made me feel sick. I also got The Invisible Hours which so far has gone to the top of my VR games list or Is it a interactive movie? Either way so far so good. I have finished act 1 and know it’s a game I will platinum. And last game I got this Christmas was Moss for my PSVR very impressed just as good as Astro Bot stunning visuals and so far a great story.

  4. Dragon Quest XI and I’m absolutely loving it. It’s utterly beautiful, charming and wholesome old school, turn based RPG fun. Fantastic.

    Going to make the most of my 4 day weekend, birthday on Monday and obviously new year(first time I’ve had more than one day off a week since September) with my family.

    Happy new year, all.

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