Lego Lord Of The Rings Has Been Removed From Digital Stores

In a sad day for gaming and literary Lego fans, it seems as though Lego Lord of the Rings and Lego The Hobbit have permanently left (middle) Earth, presumably to go to the undying lands. In more likely real-world terms the licensing has probably just run out on them, and gamers will no longer be able to pick them up from digital storefronts on PC, PlayStation, or Xbox, leaving you the only option to find them on physical (ewwwww) media.

It probably explains why you could grab them for free recently from the Humble store, so hopefully you were able to get your hands on them for the sweet price of nothing, but if you want to play Lord of the Rings on console sadly the PS3 version has horrible screen tearing so you’ll be wanting the 360 one. Hopefully Microsoft sees fit to add it to the backwards compatibility list sooner rather than later.

Lego The Hobbit was just as good, but for whatever reason they only covered half of the story and never finished it, which caused no end of problems in our household trying to explain that to a six year old.

Maybe Warner Bros will see fit to bring them back. We’ll look for the first light on the fifth day, to the East, for more information.

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