What We Played #380 – Tales Of Vesperia, Spider-Man & Borderlands 2 VR

And we’re done. That’s the end of Christmas 2018, the end of New Years, and here we are in good old 2019. We’ve barely worn it in and the world is already more vibrant thanks to the arrival of Greggs vegan sausage rolls and the colourful complaints that have accompanied it. Wonderful.

I’ve been playing plenty of games to see in the new year, with a good chunk of time going to the Definitive Edition of Tales of Vesperia so I can review it next week. Besides that there’s been lots of Monster Hunter: World where I’ve been slowing teaching my son the ropes, much more Spider-Man, as well as some Mutant Year Zero which is already utterly brilliant.

Jason finally finished EDF “which was great. I’ve been crushing friends in Smash Bros too.” Other than that he’s been playing Double Cross for review. Jim meanwhile finished up Tomb Raider: Legend before moving onto Anniversary; “Glad that I went back to play these older games as I much prefer them to the new Tomb Raider trilogy.” He also hopped back on Onrush for some ranked play. “Being on PS+ has bolstered the number of people playing considerably so I’ll be dipping in and out, hopefully snapping up that platinum trophy in the process. Speaking of platinum trophies, I’m almost 100% done with Spyro The Dragon”.

Aran finished his playthrough of Gris which was “a lovely looking game with some decent puzzles”. He also finished Shadow of the Tomb Raider too, “which was a good entry to the series though didn’t find the plot as compelling as previous”. With everything done he started Warframe on Switch building a Mag build with sword, bow and throwing knives, saying that it’s “pretty good so far”, before hopping into a spot of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Tuffcub played yet more Destiny 2, some Spider-Man, and has been reviewing Borderlands 2 VR. Meanwhile, Nick P finished up Fist of the North Star and he got into Horse Simulator 2018. To give it its proper title, he “played a bit more Red Dead – got a haircut then spent an hour and a half playing poker!” He’s also put “a colossal amount of time” into Pokémon where he got the base three to final evolutions. Finally, he tooted his own trumpet a little by stating “I continue to get wins in Blackout because I am great”. Which would be annoying if he wasn’t obviously good at it.

Tef saved the world at the eighth attempt in Into the Breach, protected lots of the little dudes in Pixeljunk Monsters 2 “despite the ridiculous load times on Switch”, and finished the first season of Battlefield V’s Tides of War levelling and missions. Ade picked up the platinum for Overcooked 2 and started on the surf and turf DLC; “I’m going to start using water pistols to clean my dishes at home, it looks much more fun than the regular way!” He’s also been playing through Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and is “trying to avoid freaking out at the sheer scale of it”.

Last up, Steve finished off Gravity Rush on Vita and the campaign mode of Titanfall 2. He started My Time in Portia “which is a lovely life sim with an unfortunately innuendo laden name. It’s like Yonder but with far more substance.” He also started Digimon Cyber Sleuth on Vita and had a quick tinker with Amplitude pointing out that it’s free on Plus for PS4 if you add the PS3 version on the store. And it’s well worth it!

Now then, what have you been playing to begin the new year?

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  1. With REmake2 less than a month away it has been all Resident Evil for me this week (plus a few hours of Battlefield V).
    Played through RE4 to mop up some missing achievements, completed Jake’s and Ada’s campaigns on RE6 and did a full playthrough of the original RE on my PS Classic.
    Oh, I also pre-ordered a copy of REmake2, the RE2 board game and a couple of new statues and figures for my merch collection :D

  2. Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker. An absolute delight of a game. Also started Super Mario Odyssey. 2019 is all about Switch.

  3. Finished off Spider-Man. Which was fun, apart from the terrible stealth sections, and the map plastered with icons. Still got dozens of crimes to do to get 100% and the platinum. And the ability to run around like I’ve forgotten my costume and have to do it in my pants.

    Also, some AC Odyssey. Which is also fun. Even if Alexios did end up pleasuring an older lady by mistake.

    And I gave the PS+ games a go. Steep isn’t too bad, except for having far too much advertising and the way it keeps recommending the DLC events. And those events where you travel about a metre before hitting a rock and then ragdoll your way to the finish and somehow still get gold. Weird.

    Portal Knights is kind of cute too. I have a duck following me, but he doesn’t seem to do much.

    There may have been some Firewall as well. Mostly that involved new people apologising for being new, and me reassuring them, trying to get them to follow helpful tactical advice (which is like herding cats at times), and congratulating them when it goes right. Or their knowledge of onions, as the bloke says when you win.

  4. Got my first Plat for 2019 – OnRush
    Tonight is the usual sesh with B_Cambo on Firewall.
    This weekend will be Red Dead Redemption 2 singleplayer and a little bit of Steep as it is free!

  5. Dipping in and out of my Christmas haul.
    Bit of God Of War,Slice Of Tomb-raider with a side order of Spider-man.
    Nothing quite as satisfying as swinging through New York in spandex..
    Oh and just started Red Dead 2…

  6. I didn’t do much gaming over the holidays but getting back to it this week. I checked out the Crow PSVR, lovely cgi animation of a native american folktale.
    Then i played an hour or so of The Persistence which i’m enjoying so far although i’ve only ventured as far as the second deck so far. I guess i need to die a few more times before i’ll be fully prepared..
    And i won a code for Transference on reddit so i played an hour of that too – i was getting jump scares even when the narrative characters would appear ! But it looks great and the story and mechanics are intriguing.

    Mostly The Forest though, making some progress exploring the caves and dealing with the assorted mutants – not so scary now but i still respect their one-shot kills.

  7. Completed the main story in Dragon Quest XI and I loved every second of it. As an old school RPG that refuses to move with the times I have to say it was a breath of fresh air.

    On to AC Odyssey!

  8. I’ve played a bit more Red Dead 2, it’s still excellent! I’ve been trying to play honourably in order to get the Lending A Hand trophy but now in chapter 6 I’m worried that I’ve missed doing Of Men And Angels mission. The sister hasn’t appeared at the church for me to start the mission, I don’t remember talking to her in earlier chapters, I haven’t done Trelawney’s mission yet so she hasn’t left and I did the required mission in chapter 4, anyone else had this problem?

    Also, Spider-Man arrived in the post, my three year old girls wanted to open the parcel (they now think all post is a present) and when saw the box they both shouted ‘Look it’s Spider-Man!’ I had no idea they’d seen him before, very proud dad!

    • Hey Ron depends on the bar of how much you have done honourably.
      Don’t worry about the Sister she will appear in Saint Denis I think which is Chapter 6. If you completed Chapter 6 then it becomes a Point of No Return! Create a new save in case you accidently did!
      You can still back track to do any honourable missions you have left behind and/or camp missions etc…
      Come to think of it… I remember helping a Priest in Saint Denis…. Brother something and I helped him in Chapter 4… I do remember he introduce me to Sister in the same Chapter or perhaps in Chapter 6 same location.

      • I remember being introduced to the sister too but having watched a clip of the mission on YouTube can’t remember the conversation, but then it could’ve been late at night over a month ago and I’ve just forgotten! If I met the sister but didn’t donate should she come back in chapter 6 at some point? I’ll be sure to make a backup save, oh and I’m on maximum honour and have a checklist of the required missions like any trophy hunter worth their salt :) It’s a shame not all of them appear in the progress menu.

      • I think you are good! I do remember making a Donation in Saint Denise on Chapter 6 outside the church.

      • Thanks for the advice Del, I’ll be sure to visit the church often just in case!

      • Hope you get the Trophy Ron

      • Well I just finished Honor Amongst Thieves (stealing the vaccines for Cpt Monroe) and it popped! I’m half relived, half sad that I don’t absolutely have to play the game again for that trophy

      • You can play the game again after getting the Platinum =P

      • Hah, goo to know

  9. Mostly Battlefield V for me, i cant point my finger on exactly why it feels so fun to play, but for me its the best Battlefield in a long time! It just feels right in some way, gameplaywise. Especially playing in a squad with good communication and teamwork, its a blast! Maybe it just caters to my personal playing style, i dont know…

    And i snatched Jurassic World Evolution in the January Sale, which is also real fun. Those pesky Velociraptors with their constant escape attempts are a bit annoying, but i guess thats par for the game. Just a shame for those chomped park visitors…

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