The Next Alien Game Could Be A Sequel To Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation may just be the best game adaptation from the Alien franchise managing to capture the sheer fear and horror of what the franchise is about. We do know something related to Alien is coming with Alien: Blackout being bandied about and potentially teased but there’s been nothing concrete. Now the official Alien Twitter page has released a teaser related to Amanda Ripley, the protagonist of Alien: Isolation, with the hashtag read, play, watch. This could signal a whole push to make Amanda Ripley the new face of the Alien series across all media, including games.

If that’s the case then it would make sense for the next Alien game to be a sequel to Alien: Isolation, since Amanda Ripley is already familiar to those who have played Isolation. It’s looking like we won’t have to wait long now to find out what’s next for the Alien franchise.

Source: Twitter

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  1. Whaaahoooo
    I LOVED Alien: Isolation.

    • Oh forgot to add VR SUPPORT PRETTY PLEASE!

      • I will literally shit myself if I attempted playing in VR lol

    • Fully agree. I loved this game so much, there could hardly be anything more exciting in gaming for me this year than a sequel to Alien:Isolation.

      They just put another tweet up about an hour ago:
      ’40 years ago, the Nostromo disappeared… In 2019, Amanda Ripley will uncover the secrets it left behind — no matter what.’

      Sounds all so very promising, hope it’s not to good to be true…

      • Ohhhh I just got goosebumps man xD I love Alien

      • I’d prefer a treadmill with safety ring so you don’t step out the treadmill. Get exercise.
        Sitting down with footpad just looks uncomfortable.

    • I would love VR support would be amazing.
      Have you guys seen this off topic but new controller for PSVR.

      • D’oh blame hangover my resposne to you is above xD

    • I love the idea of the treadmill, although my place would have no room.
      But for someone like me who is disabled and can’t stand for long periods of time this 3DRudder is perfect.

  2. Probably be an Aliens Battle Royale game…

    • 100 people hide in cupboards and somehow 1 person wins?

      Maybe some luggage you can’t climb over slowly moves towards the centre of the map?

      Either you’ve not thought that through properly, or it’s a genius idea. Can’t decide which.

      • Probably a bit of both 😉

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