Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s Second DLC Arrives Next Week

Of Hephaistos and Men

There’s tons of new stuff coming to Assassin’s Creed Odyssey this month, as Ubisoft release the second DLC pack next week, add free content, and bring a new enemy, new items and new features to the game.

Of course, the headliner is that the second episode of Legacy of the First Blade will be released on 15th January, continuing the story from the first as you investigate a blockade around the port city of Achaia. You need to have completed the first episode, the Naxos questline from the main story and hit character level 28 in order to take it on.

Meanwhile, those without the DLC will still be getting something new to play, as the fourth and fifth episodes of The Lost Tales of Greece are out this month. The Daughters of Lalaia’s first quest is called “The Village” and can be found in Phokis, while A Poet’s Legacy starts with “Praxilla’s Admirer in Boetia. Both need you to have reached Chapter 5 in the main story.

Also being added to the game, the legendary Cyclops Arges is emerging from a Volcanic island in the Angry Caldera of Arges mission, where you can earn the Hammer of Hephaistos from defeating him.

Laying the foundations for all of this a title update will be adding Level Scaling to the game, letting you find a difficulty sweet spot to your liking, though this option can’t be used in Nightmare difficulty. There’s also two new tiers on the Mercenary Ladder, and a new vendor Hephaistos’ Workshop is being added to the Myson Cave in the Malis region.

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