A Change To Unity’s Terms Of Service Is Forcing Games To Shut Down

Unity, the development engine used by thousands of games, has had it’s terms of service updated and the new wording includes a section which expressly forbids using a service running in the cloud. Unfortunately a lot of games do use that, particularly one called SpatialOS, and as of now every single on those games is now in violation of the TOS.

That means games in development can no longer be worked on, and games that are already released will have to be shut down. Studios including Bossa, Jagex, and Spilt Milk have been affected.


It seems that Improbable, who own SpatialOS, had been trying to work out a deal with Unity but for whatever reason Unity threw their toys out of the pram and cut them out completely.

Improbable has said that “all existing SpatialOS and Unity games, including production games and in-development games of all developers, are now in breach of Unity’s license terms.”

Source: ARS

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