Bungie Announces Split From Activision, But Keeps Destiny In The Divorce

Some big news has hit the industry as Bungie has confirmed it is splitting from Activision and becoming an independent publisher. As a result of this split, Bungie will retain all rights to the Destiny series and will self publish it going forward. Bungie first partnered with Activision in 2010. The transition to transfer the rights from Activision has already begun.

Bungie shared a message of thanks to fans on its site as it takes the leap.


Thank you so much for your continued support. Our success is owed in no small part to the incredible community of players who have graced our worlds with light and life. We know self-publishing won’t be easy; there’s still much for us to learn as we grow as an independent, global studio, but we see unbounded opportunities and potential in Destiny. We know that new adventures await us all on new worlds filled with mystery, adventure, and hope. We hope you’ll join us there.

The news has already rocked the financial market as shares in Activision have started to drop. At time of writing the value had dropped 6.52%, bringing it to a level similar to just a few weeks back. Whether the price will drop further is something to keep an eye on.

Meanwhile, Kotaku reports that when the news was shared with Bungie employees they cheered and popped champagne, marking an end to a sometimes difficult relationship between the two companies that has gone back to the protracted development of the first game.

Source: Bungie

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  1. Brilliant news. Hopefully Destiny can become what it always should’ve been without Activision forcing stupid decisions upon them.

    • Or maybe it will become a micro transaction battle royale

      • The game Destiny should have been from the beginning.

  2. Not quite on topic – but is there an active clan of TSA Destiny 2 players?

    • Yes there is mate. There’s at least a couple on every day, many more than that at times just after release of content.

      • Is there an open group to join? Been looking for a more active group for raids, competitive PvP etc as all but one of my old clan members has sadly abandoned the game.

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