DICE Rolls Out Initial Fixes For Battlefield V Company Coin Rewards


One of the issues that has plagued Battlefield V since not long after launch was the lack of Company Coin rewards for players that had hit the maximum rank of 50. Now, nearly two months after launch, DICE have identified and rolled out changes on their server back end to start properly awarding CC to players, though they note that it’s not yet fully fixed.

Writing on Battlefield V’s Reddit, Community Manager Dan Mitre posted the following explanation:

We’ve been tackling this issue since launch and have been testing proposed fixes. As of today, we released a back-end fix that resolved the issue for many of our affected players, while some are still not receiving Company Coin. This issue is of high priority for us and are committed to fully addressing it.

As we continue to investigate, we’re seeing that the issue may be related to the scripts and data pulls our back-end relies on when checking a player’s rank against the actions they just took, such as ending a round (win or lose), unlocking an achievement, or completing an assignment.

With every fix and update, we must ensure that the build changes or back-end/server-side adjustments we make doesn’t impact anything else in the process. The complexity of the issue means that we must take extra caution and remain diligent in our approach.

CC is the in-game currency for buying cosmetics and for the stat bumps on unlocked weapons, with a premium currency for microtransactions yet to be introduced. It’s meant to be dished out at a fairly regular rate – 25 CC for a player score of 500-999, 50CC for a score of 1000-1999, and so on – but was not triggering properly. Many max rank players are now seeing CC being handed out properly once more, but for some it still isn’t and the round-ending screens are reporting CC rewards incorrectly. It also remains that a lot of historical game time has been unrewarded, but DICE are working on a script to retroactively reward players CC in some way.

We recently took a retrospective look at the game’s troubled launch, but with the CC fixes, DICE are already making good headway. They are currently gearing up for the start of the second chapter in Tides of War, set to kick off next Thursday, 11th January, which will see the introduction of the Combined Arms co-op mode and a temporary return of the Rush game mode.

Source: DICE

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