Randy Pitchford Accused Of Receiving Secret Bonuses By Ex Gearbox Lawyer

A legal battle is brewing between Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford and former Gearbox lawyer Wade Callender, with the latter accusing the former of receiving a secret $12 million bonuses, which were meant for all Gearbox staff. The claim is part of a countersuit by Wade who is being sued by Gearbox for breaching his duties and using Gearbox funds for personal reasons, and not paying back loans in full.

Additionally, it appears Wade Callender has tried to further his case by making lurid accusations about Randy Pitchford leaving a USB stick at a restaurant that contained ‘underage’ porn. Randy himself admitting to leaving behind a USB which contained Gearbox documents and pornography behind in a podcast, though has clarified the model was over the age of 18. The attempt by Wade to make an accusation that could be construed as hinting at something as abhorrent as paedophilia was met with a tough response by Gearbox.


Gearbox will be filing a grievance with the State Bar of Texas against our former general counsel Wade for disciplinary proceedings for filing a lawsuit that includes accusations that he knows to be untrue. The lawyer’s rules of professional conduct expressly prohibit the filing of documents that are knowingly false. The tell is within Wade’s claim itself – his use of hedged lawyer language and clever application of quotation marks betray that he knows that the impression he is trying to create is based in lies. We imagine that he used the quotation marks and lawyer language in hopes that will give him some angles of defense when we inevitably take action against him for false statements. Wade is engaged in a shakedown and he’s clearly using deceit and lies to try to cause damage by promoting a narrative that he knows is false.

Randy himself also tweeted in regards to the lawsuit last night.

This is obviously going to be quite a long and messy legal battle, which could have huge ramifications for all parties.

Source: Kotaku/ Twitter/Twitter

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  1. Pitchford is already at a disadvantage with that first name.

    $12 million in bonuses? Are these guys high profile athletes or games developers? Please. There’s something fishy going on or I’m in the wrong job.

    • Well, it’s $12 million intended to be spread across the entire company, but also Pitchford is the CEO of a major developer and publisher. It’s not inconceivable that he’s receive a bonus in the millions if the company has a particularly good year, but $12 million would be quite exceptional.

      As a company, Gearbox don’t exactly have the best reputation with their financial dealings..

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