The latest update to Spider-Man brings the Fantastic Four inspired Bag-Man costume

The latest update for Marvel’s Spider-Man on PlayStation 4 brings two new costumes inspired by the Fantastic Four. The 1.14 update includes both the Bag-Man and Future Foundation costumes and I’m sure you know the origins of both.

You don’t? Well let me explain, because obviously I know and certainly haven’t just read the details on the PlayStation Blog.

So, during one story Spider-Man, because reasons, ended up without his costume and borrowed one from the Fantastic Four. However, it did not come with a mask so to protect his identify he placed a brown paper bag over his head. The second costume comes from when Spidey joined the foursome and they became the Future Foundation and everyone had snazzy new black and white suits.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. Excellent going to have to check these out. Wish there was more story to be added to go with the suits I’m a huge fan of The Fantastic Four and i really want to see Johnny Storm and Peter Parker together.

  2. Lovely additions to the collection. Now if they would only give us a Peter Parker (no mask) costume, that would make a lot of fans very happy. Even if they implemented it like they did in the final dlc, where you can only use your powers when ‘out of view’ of the public. Probably holding back on this for the sequel.

  3. The game just keeps giving and giving!


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