What We Played #384 – Resident Evil 2, Kingdom Hearts 3 & Wargroove

It’s February and it’s freezing! If that wasn’t a good enough reason to try and stay in your PJs all day, then the fact that an amazing bunch of games came out in the last few weeks and you could be playing them right now should put you over the top. My personal choice has to be the wonderful Wargroove, and it’s not just because I’m some sad Intelligent Systems dotard who gives the time of day to anything remotely similar. It is in fact one of the most generous indie games ever, and you should all be making cute fantasy fiction cutscenes with dogs in.

I guess I’ve also played some God Eater 3 for next week’s review, a spot of Ace Combat 7, Monster Hunter World and some New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe, which I’m probably nearly done with.

Nick P leaped in and told me he’s been playing “RESIDENT EVIL 2” which means he’s shouting, possibly from a mixture of excitement and fear. He’s on his fourth(!) run but sadly failed a speed run halfway through. Tef was much quieter than Nick, and has played about an hour of Resi 2, a few hours of Battlefield V for the Tides of War, OlliOlli, and something super secret which we’re not even allowed to hint at.

Aran has played a lot of Yakuza Kiwami 2. “Just enjoying doing the substories and attempting to win the Cabaret Grand Prix. That’s between tackling the more serious crime story.” While Jason has finished Superhot in VR, which is a must play – “Everyone go and play it!” – He’s played a few things for review, the best of which was Downwell on Switch and he’s also finally got Kingdom Hearts 3, so he’s now ploughing through that in between other review titles.

Ade is, to the surprise of no-one, still playing through Assassin’s Creed DLC, “It’s vast and filled with even more people to kill.” He’s also got some How to Train Your Dragon to play for review, read a book about Shovel Knight, is writing up his recollections of playing Weedcraft Inc., and is cracking on with The Walking Dead: The Final Season.

Nicole booted up her trusty PS3 in a desperate attempt to cast aside her utter disappointment with Ratchet & Clank Q-Force and procure its platinum. “I’ve also had a hankering for a good multiplayer so I’ve turned to Overwatch. I always find I have a more profound appreciation for it when returning after a hearty hiatus. Plus, it’s always super gratifying getting loot from the Chinese New Year event – my absolute favourite.”

Steve played some more Resi 2 and made a start on Kingdom Hearts 3. “After decades of waiting for them, they go ahead and get released in the same week! KH3 takes an awfully long time to get going but is warming up now, so hardcore playthroughs of Resi will have to wait for now.” He’s also rattled through Conarium, the PS4 Bard’s Tale, and carried on with Digimon: Cyber Sleuth on the Vita.

Nic B left work early yesterday because he wanted to go home and play Beat Saber – “I love feeling like a music Jedi. It’s epic.” – while Tuffcub has played Destiny 2 (obviously), and a bit more Spider-Man, but nothing much else.

Jim slipped in and out of the Anthem beta. “While not a complete turn-off there isn’t enough there for me to justify that day one purchase. It has potential to blossom into a solid Destiny substitute, but I think I’m better of waiting a few weeks for the price to inevitably drop and EA/BioWare to shown its hand in terms of planned future content.

“Kingdom Hearts 3 is obviously the highlight of the week which feels weird having just come away from Resident Evil 2. It’s a strange beast of a game and I haven’t played enough to definitely say whether it has been worth the wait. Flashy yet shallow combat, stale dialogue, and a convoluted story have dampened my first impressions though hopefully it sinks its hooks in soon.”

Last, but by no means least, Miguel also boarded the Capcom hype train by playing the RE2 remake, as well as a little more Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal. He also “suffered” through a bit of the Anthem demo, played some Arcade Spirits and even dived back into Monster Hunter: World and Let It Die!

Now then, what have you played?

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  1. Same as the last few weeks mostly. Lots of Firewall, mostly with some nice friendly random people I met playing who seem to work well as a team. Except that time we came up across 2 of the top 10 players. That was a very brief game.

    And more AC Odyssey. Starting to annoy me a bit, really. Goes on for far too long. And then throws a mission at you that involves a long journey by sea. On the plus side, the sea looks very nice. As does the rest of the game. Especially Alexios ;)

    News of next week’s PS+ games tempted me to play some Hitman again, after the slightly complicated process to download all the levels into the free Hitman 2 prologue. Must get around to buying the second game at some point too.

    And a sale tempted me with Pixel Ripped 1989. Which is entertainingly silly until you get to the last (I assume) boss fight and fail on the 3rd stage. Again. For the 100th time. Worth getting while it’s on sale for £10.

  2. Some more The Forest and more Ultrawings and Thumper in PSVR.

    I also watched this adorable ten minute movie..


  3. Played Resident Evil 2 Remake to death! Completed the campaign 8 times and a few attempts at Extra Mode Survivor and got the Platinum #365 What a game! Bring on RE3 Remake!
    Then got Tekken 7 dirt cheap… played it last night and got the Platinum #366 today (was expecting alot of online trophies after all its a fighting game) was all right but so looking forward to Mortal Kombat, my type of fighting game.
    Played a bit of Firewall and only 20 headshots away from the Platinum.
    Started Darksiders III today and will play that over the weekend.

    Have a great weekend gamers.

  4. I played some of The Inpatient, but it was a far way off Until Dawn’s quality, so it didn’t grab my attention for too long.

    Then we had a kids party and got our old consoles out, they could play on PS4, PS3, Vita, and even the PS2 still worked, which we hadn’t played for more than a decade. When I set it up I started to play one of my favourites back then, Red Faction. After about half an hour in I died, and wanted to continue, but then it just said ‘Game over’ – there was no auto-save… That was so funny…!

    Played the RE2 demo twice, and although I never buy new games, it’s quite difficult to resist, it looks so good. Started to play RE HD instead, which we got on Plus a while back, and the game is actually quite fun. Why it says on my public profile I’m playing on easy although I picked the middle option, I don’t understand, but for the moment it’s ok that way.

  5. My copy of RE2 finally arrived on Monday so I’ve mostly been playing that. It’s… amazing and exactly what I wanted from a remake of my favourite game. Playing through on Hardcore difficulty for that authentic RE experience and, while progress has been slow at points, I think I made the right call. I’m really having to think about which enemies I kill, which I run away from, when to save, etc – all the things I loved about the old RE games.

    Other than that I went back to Battlefield V for a while which continues to be good fun. Waiting on the Battle Royale mode mostly

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