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Cultivating the Piranha Plant specials in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Since the inception of Smash Bros. there has only been one question on the lips of all who have played it: when can I play as Piranha Plant? Well good news, that time is now, and everyone’s favourite warp pipe-dwelling, big-mouthed venus flytrap is ready to turn your opponents into mulch.

Seriously, Piranha Plant might well be one of the most generic fighters available, but it doesn’t mess about. With a good movement speed, strong attacks, some great zone control, and a bonkers recovery, PP is here to ruffle some leaves. Horticulture isn’t my strong point so these puns might leave you feeling a little green.

The power of the plant is already being shown off in videos online, but you’re going to have to get hands on and start pruning people’s stock count in order to really understand. The special attacks are all interesting, if a little odd at first.

Let’s take a look at what it can do.

Neutral B

You spit a spike ball straight up above you. But wait, there’s more! You can hold B in order to keep these balls flying above you, or you can angle left or right and fling it that way. It’ll go further depending on when you do it, so time it carefully. This is great for anti-air attacks, but even better for edge guarding.

Side B

This one charges up a poisonous blast. As with most charge attacks you can dodge during it and still maintain you charge level, and in this case you can fire it out before it’s done if you want, but the full version is where it’s really at.

You can expect to do a fair chunk of damage to anyone caught up in it, but it has a second function that may well be even better: it completely obscures what’s going on in it. This means you can dash into it before charging up an attack. Maybe even…

Down B

This is the kind of charge you can’t dodge while charging. The standard attack has you extending high up into the sky and taking a chomp out of the stars. However, you can tip the plant pot over either left or right, which lets you get some serious range on the ground. You can even do this in mid-air if you’re feeling confident. It’s a versatile attack, just be aware that once you’ve tipped over, you’re stuck until you attack.

Up B

Oh lawd, he flying! This turns your leaves into a propeller and let’s you fly through the air in a way that defies all reason. It has fantastic range, it can be steered as you go, and might be one of the best recoveries in game. Not only this, but you actually do damage during it!

That’s just the special moves, but this character has more to offer, like  the down air which is my favourite move outside of these. Just make sure you know what you’re getting into if someone else is using them, because otherwise you’re going to be plant food.

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