Respawn’s Apex Legends Battle Royale revealed – out now for PS4, XBO & PC

Update 2: Apex Legends is out right now! The game is a free to play squad-based Battle Royale set within the Titanfall universe, as leaked over the weekend, and it’s out right now – here’s links for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

We went hands on with the game last week, and can read our thoughts and see it in action here.


Here’s the Cinematic Launch Trailer, which weirdly has a more cartoonish art style than the actual game:

And a gameplay trailer that’s much more like it:

Update: The 8PM stream start is fast approaching. The pre-stream has been going for a good few hours now, with 38,000 tuned in to watch some grass, babbling brooks and stuff.

Watch live video from playapex on

Those Twitch streamers and YouTubers do love to leak things despite signing strict and binding NDAs, don’t they? The loose lips have sunk EA’s battleships on this occasion, with the leak of Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment’s upcoming game Apex Legends, being described as a free to play Battle Royale game set within the Titanfall universe.

With that in mind, Respawn’s studio head Vince Zampella tweeted to confirm that Apex Legends is a thing and that the game will be full revealed in a live stream set to take place at 8PM UK time (a teaser stream starts four hours earlier)

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  1. Apparently it’s live to download now, is that correct?

    • Yep. 17GB to download, with 6.5GB before you can start it. Apparently that’s 82 minutes, or 4 hours for the lot. So that’ll be one for tomorrow then.

      A free PS+ pack is available too. Along with anything up to £79.99 for some coins.

      • It didn’t take as long as it said, for some reason.

        A quick few games and I’m not convinced.

        Maybe it’s better on a Pro, but it doesn’t look great. To the point where it’s hard to see what’s shooting at you. And don’t look at the ground, or a close up of a wall. It’s a bit of a mess.

        The good things about Titanfall were all that running along walls and big robots. Neither of which are in this.

        It’s also terrible with random people who won’t be reviving you if you die. So you need a couple of friends to play with, I guess. Or spend a lot of time watching some random doing his own thing.

        Running seems to be just slightly too slow as well.

      • The initial 6GB download lets you play with low resolution textures, while the rest of the 17GB downloads in the background.

        And I’m sure the randoms will start to figure things out, but it will be better with friends. My first match post-release, I was the last survivor after 30 seconds, managed to go and pick up Jambo and G’s character banners, revive them, and then we were in the final circle and last two squads.

      • If that’s the case, and it suddenly looks nicer today, that’s 1 of my criticisms dealt with. The rest still stands.

        Liking the new look TSA btw. Looking mostly good so far. I won’t comment on the bits I don’t like as you’re obviously still rolling out changes and hopefully those bits will change too.

    • Yup. Links in the post.

  2. Can’t find it on the store

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