Don’t worry, Respawn are working on something Titanfall for later in 2019

While many people were disappointed when Apex Legends turned out to not be Titanfall 3, just set in the same universe. But don’t worry because Big Z, as I’ve just decided to call Respawn’s boss Vince Zampella, took to twitter yesterday to reassure fans that something Titanfall was in the works for later this year.


We can speculate as to what that project is. We know that Respawn as a studio has grown to feature multiple teams, with the Titanfall 2 team’s follow up project morphing into Apex Legends and another team working on Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. A third team at the studio is working on a VR project with Oculus, which was announced prior to the acquisition by EA – this is probably why EA speaks of the company as only having two teams. Though the announcement at the time said it was unrelated to Titanfall and Star Wars, it’s possible that plans have changed in relation to this. Of course, that depends on who now owns the Titanfall IP and how rights are distributed around EA’s ownership of the studio.

Alternatively, Zampella could be referencing some of the upcoming plans for Apex Legends as a live service. They’ll be launching new seasons every three months, with new characters, cosmetics and weapons as a part of that, as well as adding game modes. One possibility is that they bring back some of the ideas that they experimented with during Apex Legends’ development.

Speaking to Design Director Mackey McCandlish, he revealed that they “tried putting a Titan here and a battery there, so you first have to find the battery to put into the Titan.” They shelved the idea because it meant that you could end up with a Titan in the final circles and with other players completely outmatched thanks to the changes in player movement, but I wouldn’t put it past Respawn to have figured out a way around this or to run it as a fun limited time event.

Or, you know, it’s something completely different…

Source: Big Z

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  1. So a mobile game then?

    • Already was one, Titanfall Assault. It was shut down after a year so they won’t be doing another.

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