Dirt Rally 2.0 will get VR support this summer… for Oculus Rift

One of the glaring omissions from Dirt Rally 2.0 ever since its announcement has been VR support. Where the first Dirt Rally sported VR on PC almost from day one, and had a paid VR expansion for PSVR, Codies stepped back from the technology with Dirt 4 and said it wasn’t in the game for Dirt Rally 2.0 at launch.

Thankfully that’s going to change this summer, with Codemasters announcing that VR will be added. But before you (caution) jump out of your chair in delight, this is happening in partnership with Oculus Rift, with no mention of Vive or PlayStation VR.

Hopefully they see sense and bring it to the market leading platform as well.

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  1. Hang on…. So PS VR is the best selling VR headset, console games usually outsell their PC equivalents by quite a bit but yet they are focusing on ONE model of PC headset? It’s this kind of business practice that has seen Codies close to its demise in the past. Yes Oculus are paying for a lot of this, but come on Codies… Bit of a kick in the teeth for your bigger market!

    • I agree 100%. It seems daft not to include support for the PSVR.
      Unless it’s a cunning plan to let Oculus pay (mostly) for the work to support the Rift then Codies will do the rest for the PSVR and Vive? Wishful thinking!

      • Yeah especially as if I was Oculus I’d have an exclusively clause in the contract.

  2. PlayStation owners complaining about a “probable” timed exclusive….how the worm has turned ?

    • Ideally, for VR to continue advancing, there wouldn’t be any exclusives, timed or otherwise. In this case, it seems that Codemasters were looking for a sponsor before bringing VR to market. It’s a bit of a shame, either way.

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